Full disclosure. I basically had a big freaking piece of cheesecake for lunch. The holidays stress me out at work. A lot. Stress makes me want to eat. A lot. I work around baked goods. Not goods. Anyway. So I just wanted to get that out of the way. My weight this morning was 165.4 […]


172.0 this morning. I was excited for James to take his nap because I had really enjoyed doing TBL Cardiomax yesterday (with Bob!) and I was looking forward to trying it again today. Even though my thighs, butt, and abs were really sore. (matter of fact, DH was feeling frisky last night but I could […]

they shoot horses, don’t they?

a couple of things -got down to 174.4 before bouncing back up with pre-tom bloat -am now easily a size 12 that’s it.

speed trials

oh thank god. 178.0 this morning. I’ve been a bad blogger lately. and I mean, a really bad blogger. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you had thought I’d completely dropped off the map.  The truth is, I’ve kind of been too ashamed of myself to own up to the fact that I gained […]

The earth is not a cold, dead place

Let it be known, that despite all of my misgivings and shortcomings, throughout my bouts of insanity (both temporary or otherwise), regardless of all other variables on the planet, I know deep in my heart that I have the strongest cornerstone I could ever want. I’m speaking of course, of the Lord. If you’re not […]

the ice is getting thinner

So this morning when I weighed in and the scale said 184.6 (back again to my low weight) I was relieved. I am relieved. very much so. I’ve also learned a very valuable lesson. A few days ago, I was sitting on lunch break with my friend Katy and I was wondering when it was […]

what the ….!?!?!?

203.6 this morning after I peed like seabiscuit from all that water I drank last night. I CALL SHENANIGANS!! I’m not going to lie. I’m really frustrated. I know this is normal and I should take a deep breath and keep on plan and it will happen. But I’ve been on my way to onederland […]

The title…explained!

So I bet you’re wondering about the title. Maybe you are, maybe you are not. Back in high school I was always the fat friend. Everybody had one. I would look around and make sure I wasn’t the biggest one around (and I wasn’t) but it didn’t make me feel much better. One day a […]