around and around

I’m having a bit of an emotional day today. It’s a swarm of worry, love, fear, panic, and guilt.  Let me just say that it’s been difficult not to hit the bucket of ice cream in the back of my freezer.  I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed, actually. I broke out of the 220s today but […]

In Like A Lion, Out Like a Lamb…

Lu was born the first week of October and her pregnancy was definitely a trial.  My postpartum experience with James was an emotional one, my experience with Lu was much more physically trying.  I had the worst back pain and it seemed like even lifting my 7 lb baby was an Olympic event.  I fell […]

mostly unrelated frustration.

This blog has become a complete sanctuary for spammers. I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t get an email every time a comment was posted. I disabled email alerts and changed a few settings hoping to get it under control. I really do NOT want to have to delete this blog without informing you […]