I’m okay.

I was back to my low of 167 on saturday but I flew to Long Island NY to visit a friend of mine and well suffice it to say I had one really bad day today as far as my diet goes. But I think it’ll be okay, my calories were well under pretty much every other day last week so I should bounce back pretty quickly.

Inkheartmeg pointed out that I hadn’t told you guys I’d somewhat revived my old blog. DH started it for me when I got pregnant cause he thought i might like to blog about the experience but somewhere between exhaustion and wanting to eat everything I pretty much abandoned it.  It’s much more life-in-general-centric than this blog and I suppose at some point these two blogs may merge but for now I’m kind of keeping them seperate. If you’re interested, it’s located here http://ashblog.rmlawrence.org

I’m gonna hit the hay cause I have another long day of flights ahead of me tomorrow but I just wanted to let you girls know I’m okay. And I still miss Sterling.

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  1. Glad to hear from you! Sounds like you’re doing fantastic on the dieting/healthy part!

  2. Yeah I don’t think Sterling is coming back- her blog was deleted.

  3. hope you’re doing good..happy friday!


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