Started c25k today. Didn’t do too bad. I did the math and I’ve lost 77lbs in 40 weeks which is an average of about 1.8 lbs per week since I started. Not bad. I think I might be done with the hungries. Have had 9 glasses of water today so far. Make that 12 glasses. […]

I have been so fucking hungry lately? It’s getting old.

the hazards of love.

167.8 lbs this morning. Sloooowwwly but surely. I have a 32 inch waistline. Awesome. I don’t really have a whole lot to talk about today. We bought a bike trailer so that we can go riding as a family. There is a bike trail right behind our house. I’ve been really enjoying the time outside. […]

I know you don’t know what I mean

I’m assuming you chicks usually know what it means when I haven’t updated in a few days. I’m still a little ashamed at how quickly I threw my self control out the window last week. I was looking through old photos today and I came across this photo from when my dad came to visit […]


I’m hailing a taxi cab. So I can jump in the backseat and scream “FOLLOW THAT WAGON!” Me and the boy on Upper McKinney Falls Family Photo What can I say? we feed the boy a lot of sweet potatoes. Daddy and Jamesicle! Wheee! The weather was perfect, PERFECT, for this trip. Exploring Nature Lots […]

If falling off the wagon were an olympic sport, I’m pretty sure I’d have scored the following numbers from the judges. France would have given me an 8.5 Canada would have given me a 9 (They always seem to be a little too impressed) Japan would have given me a 6.5 The United States would […]


169.4lbs this morning! Plateau, please consider yourself BUSTED!

the sporting life

170.0lbs this morning. For those who have been paying attention, that leads us to 75lbs lost.

bring me java, bring me joy

The coffee worked like a charm. DH was up all night with a stomach bug that’s been plaguing the staff at the highschool. He woke me at 4:30 to let me know he was driving out to the school to drop off his lesson plans and call in sick.  That’s kind of a big deal […]

fruit machine

171.6lbs today. Have a hotel room booked monday night. We’re leaving at 6am monday morning. I’m a little annoyed by that but whatever. At least we’re going. Going to try chasing my fiber one cereal with a cup of coffee and see if that does anything for me.