let’s shake and trade and be on our way

So. I had a bit of a cloud hanging over my head today. It would have been bigger had Andrea not talked me down a little bit last night. Thanks Andrea. You’re a real friend and I wish you could only friggin live here.  After last night I was unsure how to approach any of […]

but we carried on anyway

Here is some cheese to go with all that whine I offered yesterday. …Here is just a little more. After wrestling with the idea all day and getting some encouragement from one of my co-workers, I decided I really did need to share  how I was feeling with DH. I will say this. It could […]

synapse to synapse

172.4lbs this morning. Yip yip yahoo yippee! getting my feet further and further implanted in normal, steady ground. my lightheadedness-upon-standing debacle is getting worse almost to the point of debilitation. A friend pointed out the obvious, It’s my ears. I need to get my ears checked. I wish I’d known that months ago. DS and […]

cause all the company calls amount to one paycheck

So there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that today, after two weeks of being bad and then making up for being bad, I’m back at 174.0 which is a new low. Yay.  the bad news is I feel like I completely wasted two weeks. Given my impressive record […]

175.4 today when all was said and done. Yay.

keep it going for people who are kind of funny at parties?

so. Got back up to 179.6 …. Today I was back at 177.4 lbs. I’m getting really bad at blogging 🙁

I swear that you came in the form of rain

first off, here is a video of the progress my son has made in the last week second, tom hasn’t showed. Valentines day wasn’t all I’d hoped. third, I gained like 3 lbs this week.

If you see the wagon, will you ask it to slow down this weekend? My valentines day plans are ballooning and growing and I am praying TOM holds off until Sunday. Rob doesn’t read this. We are ordering Pizza, I am making sangria (pussy sangria, rob doesn’t like wine all that much so I am […]

they shoot horses, don’t they?

a couple of things -got down to 174.4 before bouncing back up with pre-tom bloat -am now easily a size 12 that’s it.

rainbows in the dark

Um. So along my whole journey, I’ve been taking photos of myself, every now and then, in my underwear. For my own personal stash. Seems I need to compare them to each other sometimes to see any progress at all. I was taking a set today when I noticed something very peculiar… My thighs. They […]