Progress Photos! Thorough!

Here is a set of progress photos with a couple of pictures dating 2005 or earlier. 🙂 First we have my high school graduation in 2003. Not a clue what I weighed. Next we have June 2005 when DH and I were dating, still no idea but those jeans are a size 18 Next, DH […]

different names for the same thing

Tom is officially out of town and took the rest of my bloat with him. Yesterday, we were at target and rob bought a bag of Lindor Truffles. Which I love. A lot. And they are so bad for you. SO bad. We were watching Tivo’d Dexter last night, finally finishing the season, and the […]

the ice is getting thinner

So this morning when I weighed in and the scale said 184.6 (back again to my low weight) I was relieved. I am relieved. very much so. I’ve also learned a very valuable lesson. A few days ago, I was sitting on lunch break with my friend Katy and I was wondering when it was […]

roaring singing trumpeting

186.4 lbs this morning. I almost refuse to believe I gained 2 lbs in a day. today: breakfast: NA lunch: NA (oh, the guilt) dinner: chicken fajita pita with a side of black beans from Chilis. Half a corn cob. I bought myself a pair of PJs from Victoria’s secret for my christmas gift to […]

you don’t even want to know.

put another dime in the jukebox, baby

I don’t understand my body. I’ve had two binge days in a row and my weigh in this morning was 186.2lbs. A new all time low. So today at work I behaved myself pretty well. Stayed OP. yay. I called DH to…I can’t remember, but I casually mentioned that I hadn’t yet decided what I […]


a little disappointed with myself. I know I can generally blame TOM’s impending doom on everything annoying me the last couple of days but still. Tonight was my 8 year old nephews birthday party. He wanted a pizza party at home. So we ate pizza. I got the cookies out of my house. That’s about […]

thing one: I am finished christmas shopping and wrapping. thing two: I baked 21 dozen cookies yesterday and only ate one thing three: I ate probably 8 of them today. 🙁

hand over all of your things and start over new

so, first things first. The Biggest Loser. I won’t spoil it, but let me say this. I AM VERY FUCKING HAPPY. So i log into flickr this evening. I notice some random guy I don’t know has “faved” some of my photos. The ones where I’m wearing my workout duds (tshirt and short sweat pants). […]

it was a very good year

Every time I listen to It Was A Very Good Year, I think of Chris Noth. The reason for this, there is an episode of Sex and the City where Big takes Carrie to a small italian restaurant he frequents. The band invites him up to sing, and he dedicates this song to “his girlfriend” […]