let the beat control you

sisterchicks, I feel positively superb. I managed to escape fatsgiving with a minimal gain (I think) and today we went clothes shopping. First we hit forever 21 where I only ended up with a short sleeved cowl neck sweater. Its sure purty. Like this but it’s solid grey. Yay. Then I took my mom to […]

beep beep

weighin: 192.8 breakfast (5:30am): 2 tubs of weight watchers plain yogurt and a banana (my day started so promising) lunch: thanksgiving. one small scoop of macaroni, one small scoop of stuffing, one small scoop of mashed taters, one small scoop of broccoli and rice, one slice ham, 2 slices turkey, one skinny cornbread muffin dessert: […]

Luck be a lady….tomorrow.

First off I want to say, Please treat your local grocery store employees with patience and kindness this week. They are just as stressed out as you are. Today was a bit of a hair-raising day. Work was, no doubt, insane. The good news is that I’m going on vacation starting tomorrow afternoon. wheeee!!! So […]


Mom has decided she wants to go shopping on friday. Ho’kay. bound and determined to post a loss this week. Despite Thanksgiving and TOM (Turkey!) hanging around. 2 more days of work until I am on vacation. 10 days off. Paid. God, that’s beautiful. today: weigh in- 193.2lbs breakfast: one glazed donut (ohhh man. I […]

errant dog

Of course TOM shows up the day before the first weigh-in. I’m retaining water like mad. So today was our third wedding anniversary. I got DH a cute little card and I figured he’d get me a card and a cute little something from target maybe. I’d been unable to get him anything yet because […]

this time I’ve got nothing to say besides do do do, do do do…..

so. I spilled the beans to someone on the forum, so I may as well say so here. Weigh in: 192.8LBS take that. It took me two tries to finish my jillian tape today. I so wasn’t interested in doing it today. I got a call this morning from my mother. Frantic. Panicked. Upset. She […]

Balls. I has them.

The scale is still being ultra friendly this week. Maybe it’s because he knows that my mom is arriving tomorrow and I always manage to throw plan to the wind when she arrives. YOU SISTERCHICKS MUST KEEP ME ON TRACK!!! I’m still holding out on you guys until monday comes around to tell you my […]

easy as 1 2 3

my coworkers aggravate me so much sometimes that my hands start to shake. Not healthy. I’m soooo ready for my vacation. The scale has been my friend this week, but for the purposes of the biggest loser challenge, I’m not posting my daily weight. Look for it on mondays! This provera is kicking my ass. […]

but you make me feel so pretty :D

195.2 lbs this morning. Huzzah! I cleaned the office, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room today. Tonight I cleaned and organized the pantry. It looks SO good right now. James was a fusspot today. It was really frustrating but when he throws a tantrum because I put him down for his nap, what […]

changed for good.

I’ve neglected writing today because a)I’ve been constructing a spreadsheet for the 3FC 20-somethings biggest loser challenge because I was nominated for team leader. I think I finally have it. Excel and I don’t work well together, dh helped me a little more than I want to admit. b) I put together a photo album […]