I colour the sky with you

So last night. Threw out my back. I’m not a teenager anymore, DH! 208.2lbs this morning. How wacky is that? I ate like 3 scoops of that damn ice cream last night lol. Today was a pretty good day at work. Don’t get me wrong, I was busy busy busy but it seemed less tense. […]

rule of thirds

i am stunned. 209.6 lbs 5:30pm:  so i got 1/3 of my house cleaned, 1/3 of my laundry done, and have only eaten like 200 calories. watch me go!!! patty, that had nothing to do with it. Last night was all focused on finding my house and getting a good nights sleep. you bad girl. […]

hoooooooomeward bound!

I am home again! our lights came on some time between 6pm last night and 10am this morning! I never thought I would be so happy to be in a filthy, stinky, house! diet, tallyho! We have some ground to make up if we’re going to hit onederland by thanksgiving!

I’ll put fires out quick as can be

212.4lbs this morning. yippie! I do not want to talk about the crap I’m dealing with at work right now. Still no power. today: dinner: some white meat chicken, one serving broccoli, one serving mashed taters, one hawaiian roll. thats it. I should probably eat something else? what do you think. Okay, maybe some pudding.

she grew up tall, she grew up right

In regards to my last entry, I’m off plan because living under someone else’s roof doesn’t allow me to be nearly as strict as I’d like to be, especially when I’m not working very much. Also, the stress of Ike AND TOM combined makes every food sound great except for what I should eat. I […]

not a significant souce of other nutrients.

When you have a houseguest, no matter how patient of a person you are, eventually that patience wares thin. I’m speaking of course, of TOM. TOM has decided to put his feet up on the coffee table and stick around as long as possible. I am nowhere near being on plan. Not in the slightest. […]

meep meep

I need to get my head back into the game. Really. I’m halfway there but I’m still meandering in and out of binge land. My TOM cramps at work today were so bad they brought back memories of being in labour. James is running a fever of 101. I just ate half a slice of […]

everybody to the limit!

You laugh about my awkward encounter with my nephew, but he stayed home from Pre-K this morning with the stomach flu. Seeing Auntie Leigh in her bra and TOM panties will do that to you. I can’t bring myself to stand on the scale. Rob says he only gained 3 lbs. Only. ONLY. sheesh. That […]

you know you should be glad

so I’m back in Freeport which is a few minutes from Lake Jackson. LJ doesn’t have power to over 70% of the city so we are staying with my OTHER sister in law and her 4 kids. I’m planning to go to work tomorrow. At least something will be normal. Chickies, I can’t bring myself […]


To add insult to injury, TOM showed up this afternoon.