215.4lbs! THE SCALE IS MY BITCH!!! Okay. Work today was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dull. It’s very rare I find myself hoping someone will walk by and purchase one of the big cakes so I’ll have something to do.  I cut out early so we could go to a labour day bbq type thing. It looks like Gustav […]

“strippers would probably be cheaper!”

216.0lbs this morning. bwahahahaha! I got an email this morning from my very amazing friend Caitlin. She is getting married next year and plans have been laid out for me to make her cake and what not. This morning she asked me to be her Maid of Honour! (sidebar: wouldn’t it be matron of honour […]

and now we ride the circus wheel…

I really really really didn’t want to go to work today. Mr Scale is being stubborn and won’t budge from 216.4lbs. Rob says I’m being unreasonable in my demands. I demand satisfaction, dammit! He got mad at me because I was laying in bed last night and I said to him “rob? I only had […]


this mornings weigh in has me at 216.4lbs. Whew! I’m officially back on track! work today was insanity! I don’t know how I managed to get ANYTHING done. I’m tired tired tired and sore sore sore. I want to take a hot bubbly bath tonight but that means I’ll either have to clean the tub […]


here is a picture of the picture of the four babies. It’s a little blurry but you can clearly see how upset Veronica and James are. cameo by my left thumb.

i want to see you dance again

weigh in this morning was 217.4lbs. I guess I couldn’t expect to be back at 216.4 given the week I had. Oh well. Start anew, right?  I think where I’m really falling short is I’m not running a lot anymore. Between the rain, the heat, and the mosquitos, going outside is a really unattractive concept. […]

we’ve all got wood and nails

So, got horribly, terribly sick last night.  Might’ve been a subconscious thing. Might’ve been the grease. Might’ve been a combination of things. Regardless, that pizza made last night come from hell. the good news? 217.4lbs this morning. Except for the fact that I still feel downright awful, it’s almost like the weekend never happened. Can […]

what if the best is yet to come?

so. Not going to worry about the aftermath of the pizza (4 slices). I’ve decided it’s not going to do well to dwell on what I ate over the last three days. The best advice I’ve ever given out to dieters is to not let one spell ruin your motivation and to start anew the […]

wrestling myself to the ground.

I am weak. And defeated. Under my direction, Rob just ordered the stinkin’ pizza. My diet apathy runs amok. It’s been a bad week.

go haunt someone else

today was….. interesting. Maria did a no-call/no-show to work today. In the bakers shift (3am-11am) she has the power to derail the entire day just by not showing up.  Thankfully it was pretty slow today. Sundays have the potential to be insanely busy. Rob and I had tickets to a show tonight and I was […]