First mini-goal achieved….

I guess 10% weight loss isn’t a mini goal for some, let’s just call it a goal. Anyway. Weighed in at 204 yesterday. That means 23 lbs lost and I’ve hit my first 10%. So exciting. I snapped a photo for the occasion. Apologies for the lousy lighting.

The picture on the left is from January 22nd, J’s 4th birthday party. The picture on the right is from today. I think it’s safe to say at least 3% of the weight came off of my chest. Wow.  Anyway. I’m pleased to have made this progress and my next step is to make it to onederland!!


either way it’s okay.

So I dropped to third place in the WL competition at work. Sad. 🙁  I still have a few more weeks to take back my #2 spot, I don’t think I’m going to get to #1, last I checked she was a good 4.5% ahead of me.

I made the most uhmayzing asparagus for dinner tonight. Stupidly easy. Don’t know why I didn’t cook it this way before.

Jogged 2 miles today. My first time out in a very long time. Averaged 15 minutes per mile. Not too shabby when it’s 85 degrees outside.  Of course, now my legs feel like jello.

Bought some of that Arctic Zero ice cream. It was $5 for the pint so it’d better be good.

but I don’t have very high hopes.

Very close to my Easter goal (almost 2 lbs away)

Then comes my Birthday goal. (11 lbs away)



So remember I was talking about being in that weight loss competition at work? It’s been extended through May. And I’m in second place. Sounds like I need to find some guy with a crow bar!!

Too soon?

a year down the road

I’ve not been to my diet blog in quite some time.  But I’ve been starting back on the boards. and My Fitness Pal. I’ve been quietly trying to get my diet stamina going again. Every time I would start, My heart just wasn’t that into it. It’s so easy to just say “Who cares, I’m getting a pizza.”  And as many times as I’ve still felt like saying that this time around, I haven’t yet.  I’m impressed with myself. I know I’ve done this before and this is old hat by now.

The difference this time around seems to be that I’m involved in a weight loss competition at work. I think it was just the kick in the pants I really needed. Since the first week of February, I’ve lost 19 lbs.  19 lbs down and 33 to go.  I’m not aiming for my previous lowest weight of 165, I had a hard time staying there without killing myself. But my goal is 175 which ironically would put me at 1lb overweight.  I was comfortable there. I looked and felt good there.  More to the point, despite what that stupid chart says, 175 is a great weight for someone of my height and build.  It gives me just a little bit of the good curve.

The competition is ending next week. I lamented in the beginning that 8 weeks wasn’t enough time to make a real change. But it seems to be working so far. And I’m going to miss my weekly weigh-ins. Something about the number on THAT scale being lower totally trumped the numbers going down on MY scale. and I’m not sure that makes any sense.

If you have My Fitness Pal, feel free to add me. My name on there is Leighish and I’m always looking for new friends.

I can’t say I’ll update this regularly, but I would like to try.


Why is it so damn hard to find a middle ground? I can’t help but slide to one extreme or the other.


I am ready to lose my damn mind!!!

today, THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE at work asked me either a)Are you pregnant again? or b)when are you due??

2/3 of them actually pointed to my chub.

What is wrong with these people?!?!?!?!



The benefit to being sick is that you really don’t feel like eating anything. Dieting doesn’t seem so hard anymore 🙂

The drawback to being sick is that, you know, you’re sick.

around and around

I’m having a bit of an emotional day today. It’s a swarm of worry, love, fear, panic, and guilt.  Let me just say that it’s been difficult not to hit the bucket of ice cream in the back of my freezer.  I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed, actually.

I broke out of the 220s today but I can’t even bring myself to be happy about that.

A family member is in induced labor as we speak and her progress is mirroring that of mine with my son, that is to say, it isn’t going so well. I keep repeating to myself over and over again that every labor is different but I’m finding it hard to suppress everything I felt that day and the months following. I’m drumming my fingers and biting my lip and just waiting for any new piece of news. I’m bracing myself. I wish I could turn down my empathy but I just can’t.

I’m sure the fact that I’m pmsing accounts for at least 30% of the way I’m feeling today.

I’m completely stiff and sore from cleaning my house yesterday. I can’t believe how out of shape I actually am.

All I want to do today is to hold my breath and pray.

When DH gets home we are going to go pick out french doors for our patio. hopefully that will help distract me a little bit.

ETA: Mom and baby are doing great. Glad to hear it. My heart feels much lighter.

In Like A Lion, Out Like a Lamb…

Lu was born the first week of October and her pregnancy was definitely a trial.  My postpartum experience with James was an emotional one, my experience with Lu was much more physically trying.  I had the worst back pain and it seemed like even lifting my 7 lb baby was an Olympic event.  I fell more and more out of shape in the months following. My doctor insisted exercise was the key to making my back feel better, but I couldn’t understand how I was going to exercise if I couldn’t even get up out of bed without cringing in pain.  I got better after I returned to work and returned to a somewhat normal routine, but by this time all my bad habits were in full force. It was the holidays, I was eating like crazy and not working out at all. I didn’t much seem to care. My postpartum size was a size 14 and I was pretty ok with that. And then I started getting bigger.  And bigger.  Only recently did I reach my breaking point when I’d realized that of the 80lbs I lost 3 years ago, I’d gained back 75% of it.  That’s 60 lbs. I’d gained 60lbs in a little under 2 years.  I realize I have the pregnancy to blame for some of it, but I mostly used it as an excuse.

My daughter is about to be six months old and I still weigh the same as I did when I was full term. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

In the past 10 days I have already dropped about 6 lbs.  I’m pleased but I don’t expect this rate to continue unless I succumb to the bad behaviour I indulged in last time I was dieting. I’m not proud of it. I don’t want to find myself there again. I need some help finding a middle ground.

This community helped me so much last time. I’m hoping to find it again.

mostly unrelated frustration.

This blog has become a complete sanctuary for spammers. I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t get an email every time a comment was posted. I disabled email alerts and changed a few settings hoping to get it under control. I really do NOT want to have to delete this blog without informing you guys about what’s going on. I’d restart and find you again, yes, but I’d rather not go through the trouble.

In diet related news, I’m 23 lbs away from my original high weight. help.

DH and I are starting to get back on the right track, but I mourn for the body I had for a short period of time. After having yet another c-section, I imagine this time around is going to be more difficult. I need to get back in the habit of posting. It helped me a lot.

I’m using My Fitness Pal, also, to help me track calories. If anyone would like to add me, it should be easy to figure out my username.

Tonight I’m going to make Venetian Apricot Chicken. Yeah, like at The Olive Garden. Boy am I happy they keep recipes on their website!

Zumba was a lot more fun when I was 185 lbs.  Now I just feel like I’m going to die.