Still blogging but moving

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I dont’ know if I have any friends left on here, but I am moving my blog to this site:

There are going to be new posts as well as reviews. I also have completed a triathlon recently which you can read about on my new blog. I hope some of you decide to follow me on my continued journey 🙂

Still alive!

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I’m still alive and kicking. I want to keep this blog around as I would like to move it to another spot one day if I ever figure out how. Today’s weight 185. Slowly but surely I am getting there.

I’m training for a triathlon that will be October 10th. It’s a short one, but it will be a challenge. I’ll keep this blog updated on my results.


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I’m surprised this blog is still here! I am still working out and losing weight more so than before. The lowest weight I’ve seen recently has been 188.5. It’s slow going, but going. I’d like to move this blog to another location but have no idea how. Oh well, I will keep updating  here and there.

I am training for a triathlon in October and very excited. Ideally I’d like to drop about 15 pounds between now and then but don’t think it’s going to happen.

To all my old friends, keep it up, I’m going to try and visit some of your blogs.

General update

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New weight today: 193.8

Yay, making progress. I’ve been eating well, even managed to avoid brownies at work. I’m drinking a blueberry/banana smoothie right now. Smoothies have been my latest tool against hunger. I can get healthy foods and satisfy my craving for something sweet.

Monday I plan to do some measurements and post them.

Look at what a big liar I am!!

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Yes, I am. Anyway, I’m updating now.

Current weight: 195.8

This is the weight I stay at if unchecked. My body just likes staying here, or rather I like eating my way up to here. Anyway, it’s time to change.

What’s my plan? Calorie counting and excercise. I want to get back into running and I have been running some. I’ve also been doing the firm. Today I am sick (2 year old are breeding grounds for disease, let me tell you) and I feel as weak as a newborn, so no workout. I’m not eating too much, but I’m trying to make sure what I do eat is healthy.

Posting more is one of my main goals. Only weigh every couple of days is another. I work now on weekends, so ya’ll may not hear much from me until Monday.

Ok here we go again :)

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I’m back and I hope for good.

I have pretty much been in limbo, “dieting” for a few days and then going back to the way I always eat. The only good thing I can say is that I’ve been exercising as I should for the most part, though I’ve fallen off running in  a bad way.

Thanks lodyangel for checking on me, I WILL post later tonight on my plan.

I’m still STILL alive…

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will update later today

I’m still alive!!

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Floundering, but still alive.

I did a 2 mile walk (half a mile in the rain!) today, the first exercise I’ve done in awhile. I’ve been sick the past week or so. I have not gone near the scale lately. I’m on point with my calories today, so I’m going to stay on track. In a couple of days I will weigh myself.

I get discouraged that I never seem to make progress lately, but really if I’m still trying, that means that I haven’t given up and THAT means that I haven’t failed…right?

Thanks for checking on me ladies.

Back into running

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I’ve been making feeble attempts to get back into the running world. Well it’s time to get a plan together, especially if I want to run the half marathon I have planned in December. So I’m turning once again to old Hal Higdon

for a good running schedule. I will do this 10 mile plan, which is 10 weeks long and that will leave me enough time to start up my mileage to a bit over half marathon distance (13 miles roughly) I may stretch the plan out some if I find it’s going too fast, we shall see. Since baby has MMO tomorrow, I will start with a 2 mile run tomorrow. Actually, I will start today with some stretching and yoga.

I bought a spaghetti squash a few days ago and we are going to eat it for supper tonight (“we” being me and baby, I don’t think DH would touch it with a ten foot pole!) I’m interested to see how it tastes, if it’s good enough, it may replace pasta for me.  I stayed away from the scale today, thank goodness. Just have to make it til Sunday 🙂

Why oh why did I weigh myself this morning?

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 I knew it would be bad, I knew I overate yesterday and that the scale LOVES to overreact to things like that lol.

So, I think I’ve been weighing too much lately. I will weigh again on sunday morning.

I’ve had an active day so far. I dropped baby off at Mother’s Morning Out and then went to walk in the park for 2 miles. I came home and did about 3 hours of yard work, including mowing, picking up sticks and pine cones, water, edging, and using the blower. I’m pretty tired now, but I’m going to pick up the kid in about half an hour and we’re both going to lay down for a nap lol.

So I don’t think I posted this here, but I chopped off all of my hair. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that my hair is now in it’s naturally curly state, but only 4-5 inches long, which looks like 2 inches for tightly curled/coiled hair. So in addition to trying to lose weight. I’m also trying to grow my hair long and strong. Luckily, things that create good hair growth also create a healthy body, so I’m in luck! 🙂

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