Vacation – bad eating….

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Well, unlike the last couple of trips I’ve taken since beginning this weight loss journey, I was NOT a healthy eater when kiddo and I went to Phoenix to visit my sister-in-law.

I did well the first couple of days, eating salads when we went out, but I did cave, and caved hard.

2 weeks 2 days we were gone, and I came back 6lbs heavier.

As I have stated before, my body is not normal. I do believe it would take a “normal” person longer to gain that kind of weight on what I ate. And the bad thing is, the things that made me gain weight, I’m not sure I enjoye
d all that much.

It was my daughter’s 16th birthday, so there was a chocolate/cherry cake. There’s a bakery that makes pies as good as my mom’s (we bought 2 of them while I was there, and I ate my fair share). And then there was the Mexican food, and the Greek food, with bread of some kind on everything! Really tasty pita and homemade tortillas.

Oddly enough, it was Italian night when I actually ate healthy. We did have a few healthy meals that I cooked, and a night out at Sweet Tomatoes (a huge salad bar restaurant). But that couldn’t make up for completely falling off the healthy wagon.

Do I regret it? Yes, in a way. I enjoyed the food – though I will admit fully that the desert stuff I could have passed up. At least stopped at one piece one night, not one piece every night until it was gone. The chicken salad at the Mexican place was very, very yummy, and I should have stuck with that instead of caving and eating the cheesy, refried beanie foods. Though I can’t say I regret the Greek pizza, because that was very, very delicious, and we’d been walking in the heat for hours (shopping at an outlet mall) and that would have been a good lunch, had I not been eating everything else unhealthy.

I’ve told you before, I do not feel food guilt. I’m a little disappointing in myself for eating the deserts, but oh well, it’s done. Move on. I’m home now and hitting the health food hard. I will not make this same mistake twice. My daughter put on a few lbs too,

and she’s back on Atkins, so we’re in this together, which helps. She feels a little upset with herself, too.

I must say, I enjoyed the last two nights of healthy food at home! The rest of the summer, the goal is to stick with it. Get off a few more lbs, especially the 6 I gained in Phoenix.

So, if you’re going to Phoenix, and it’s too hot (heat busting record at 119 while we were there) to do anything outside, don’t spend all your time in restaurants! *grin* Just my little tip of the day.

Pictures of the good and bad. Greek Salad from My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (all healthy except the sliced pita). Caesar Pita from My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (healthy if I had only eaten the stuffing, not the pita). Peach Pie from Rock Springs Cafe (UNhealthy). Greek Pizza from My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (topping fine). Salad bar at Sweet Tomatoes (all good if careful).

I can’t claim Ideal Protein any longer, I don’t think…

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I have changed the name of my blog from Leanne’s Journey on Ideal Protein to Leanne’s Weight Loss Journey, because I don’t think I can actually claim to be on the actual Ideal Protein diet any longer.

From about 2 months on the diet, I’ve been fiddling with the rules. I use cheese here and there, though try to keep it on the light side. I use condiments that I shouldn’t… (home made low fat ranch dressing, etc…) And I eat way more veggies than the diet calls for.

I have had constant weight and size loss. I didn’t lose any weight (scale weight) for over 6 weeks, but in that time I lost 2 pant sizes. I know the diet I’m dong works.

So here’s an overview of what I’m doing now. The weight loss is slow now, but I am not even worried about that because I have so many medical issues, that any weight loss is a huge accomplishment. I also feel very much healthier eating as I am now, rather than the 750-800 calories a day. I have to active a life to feel so drained out all of the time.

Typical day:

Breakfast: Egg white omelet using about 1/2-2/3 cup liquid egg whites, and about a cup of whatever veggies need to be used up. Today it was a yellow pepper and red onion. 2 oz of protein, usually fat free, no additive ham.

Lunch: HUGE chef salad with about 2 oz of lean meat – ham or turkey or chicken or shrimp. 1/2 oz strong flavored cheese, 3-4 cups of romaine or ice burg lettuce and raw spinach. Other veggies; sweet peppers, onion, tomato (I do take it easy on the tomato amount), cucumber… And for dressing, I make a low-fat ranch and/or Good Seasons mix made without oil.

If this isn’t enough for lunch, I have home made soup. Usually chicken or beef veggie. Fat free, or nearly fat free, with lots of celery and onions, sometimes spinach. Or my salad soup recipe.

Snack: Protein mix of some kind. Nectar fruit drink or a pudding. If I’m super hungry, I use a Fred Meyers brand of Carb Master yogurt added into the pudding. If I’ve missed lunch for some reason and it’s too late in the day to have a bigger meal, I’ll make up one of these pudding/yogurt mixes and it’ll keep me full for 3 hours or so.

Dinner: 6 oz protein. Pan fried (with olive oil) fish, baked or bbq chicken, pan fried or bbq beef, and on occasion some kind of pork. Meatloaf, meatballs, whatever. Depending on the meat consumed the rest of the day depends on the cut of meat I eat in the evening. If it’s been super lean, I’ll have something with more fat like beef or pork. This is also when I eat the heavier veggies. I am in love with cauliflower, portabella mushrooms, cooked spinach, bok choy, zucchini, etc… It’s a fairly big plate of food I have for dinner.

9pm snack: I need to eat to take my nighttime medications, so this is my snack time. I will make a protein shake and freeze it so it’s like eating ice cream. I will eat a protein snack like the soy chips or my favorite is the pretzels from Health Smart. I am also a huge fan of the chocolate brownie Quest Bar, and that I split 50/50 with my hubby because it’s pretty high calorie on its own.

I keep my calories under 1000/day, try to keep the fat under 30% and keep the carbs under 30 net. This also keeps me in ketosis, so I’m not hungry.

I know all the rhetoric behind Ideal Protein, and I have done Atkins in the past. The ketogenic diet makes your body burn fat before muscle, and also is a natural appetite suppressant. It is NOT (and I’m done my research which is more than “follow the plan”) a fail-safe way to lose weight. You have to keep the calories low, and that’s why Ideal Protein works better than Atkins for a lot of people. For someone like me who has medical issues on top of medical issues, including SUPER high insulin resistance, the low calorie is imperative, but feeling like crap because you’re not getting enough calories to keep you going is just not good for me. At 950 calories (approximately) a day, I can function, I can stay awake all day, and I even have energy to do things like helping decorate for a wedding or going four-wheeling.

I still follow the sheet to an extent. I don’t eat the restricted veggies (almost ever, though I had some carrots in a rutabaga stew last week). I don’t eat junk food (though I did enjoy myself at my brother’s wedding). I don’t believe that living with the restrictiveness of the actual Ideal Protein diet is right for me.

I’ve talked this over with my doctor, and she agrees. What I’m doing now is actually more healthy for MY BODY than following the strictly Ideal Protein diet, using Ideal Protein products, which really aren’t all that healthy (high sodium, processed, and in some cases full of sugar).

So this is still my story, but it’s changed a little. I am glad I found Ideal Protein because it got me going in the right direction.

I’ll still continue posting healthy recipes and photos of our suppers as I make them.

Thanks for your support!

Yummy, easy, fast-to-make low cal/fat dinner.

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1/2 pkg shirataki noodles
8 oz chicken breast, sliced think to cook fast
2 portabella caps
2 cups favorite veggies
Seasonings of choice
Grated Parmesan (optional)
Olive oil for frying

I fast fried my chicken, because it was too hot to turn on the oven to broil it, and too much work to light the grill. Using about 2 Tbls oil, I fried each breast piece for about 3 min on each side using a tiny bit of Red Robin seasoning and garlic/herb no-salt seasoning.

In the same pan, using the same oil, I took out the chicken and put in the two portabella caps, face down, and put the lid on to let them wilt a little, but not enough to get mushy.

I prepared my shirataki noodles, while everything else cooked, and put them right on the plate with a little I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray and a light sprinkle of parm.

I put my mushroom caps on a plate, put the chicken on top and used my low-carb bbq sauce.

On the side I had 2 cups of steamed cauliflower.

Entire meal: 337 calories; 60 protein; 7 fat; 23 carb; 12 fiber (11 net carbs)

Back in the game!

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I only lost 5 lbs in the last month, because I’ve been enjoying life a little too much on this diet. I hit that 250 lb mark and decided to have a little fun because that was my first goal, and I hit it much, much sooner than I ever hoped I would.

I did not go off the deep end, but the fat content of the food I was eating was high, and I was enjoying 12-14 or so ounces of meat a day instead of the 8-10. I stayed in ketosis, but my calories per day were edging up toward 1200, which as I’ve said before, is my “maintaining” calorie count. And I must admit my veggie intake went down a bit.

I had THE appointment with my heart surgeon on the 24th, and he said “let’s do it”. I will be making the actual scheduling in the coming week, and it will be sometime in October. This is because I have lots and lots of travel plans for the summer I refuse to miss out on.

What got me back on track with the diet was going to lunch AND dinner the day of the appointment – spent the day with my hubby. I ate BREAD at lunch… I make no excuses. I was doing a little panicking about the surgery, everything the doc told me would happen – it is open heart surgery after all…And I had some comfort food. All well and good, it wasn’t that much. Dinner … ugh!

Let me back up and say that again, my veggie intake had gone down… I wasn’t getting enough fiber lately, if you get my drift… Then I ate a HUGE dinner, and ate things I know threw me out of ketosis and I stuffed myself. I have not over eaten since starting this diet 4 months ago. Honestly, I have reasons it happened… I was totally starving by the time we got to the restaurant, it was a ‘grill your own meat’ thing and my hubby kept making me these really awesome little steakettes…. I ate potatoes… I went way off diet.

And I PAID for it! Gas cramps by the time I’m getting ready for bed, so sleep sucked all night. And then up in the morning with dry heaves. Oh yeah, I was in bad shape, at first thinking I got food poisoning. Nope, just too much food! And then ALL DAY the next day I felt like I’d been hit by a truck! I felt heavy and lethargic and just downright gross… And I know that’s from the carbs. And now, a day later, I have rib aches from the dry heaves. Oh yeah, so much fun.

See, I maintain I don’t feel guilt about eating off diet. But when I feel like this, I think, I KNOW, it was so not worth it! It was one day, but it got me back in the right frame of mind. 2 days now, I’m TOTALLY 100% back on IP plan, and I will stay there for the next 30 days until my brother’s wedding. That day all bets are off!

As of today, exactly 4 months on plan, I weigh 245 lbs. That’s a total loss of 37 lbs so far. I’m hoping to be down to 235 by the wedding.

My goal is to be down to 220 by the surgery (6 months from now) and I set the easy goal of only 25 lbs from now because this IS a summer of travel, and though I “plan” to stay OP, I am not 100% sure I can maintain it constantly. I’d like to be down to 200, but as long as I make 220, I will feel good. This is just reality in my mind. I learned my lesson on spring break. I know I can maintain while traveling, since I did that on spring break and was around really bad food. At least the traveling I will be doing this summer is to visit relatives, and they’ve all been WARNED not to get weird about my strange eating habits, and to not take any offence to me supplying most of my own food. Everyone I’m related to COOKS, but most of it isn’t stuff I should be eating…probably ever, let alone while trying to lose weight. I am SO going to miss my Aunt Millie’s pies!!!

Milk Substitute at it’s BEST

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I’ve never been a big milk drinker on its own, but I love milk in my hot chocolate, and so many of the protein mixes would taste so much better if they were made with milk. Also, pouring water on my IP alternative cold cereal is just gross. Come on! Right?

So, as with everything else, I went in search of an alternative that’s low carb and lactose free. Though I’ve not followed the 100% lactose free on this diet (using some extra-sharp cheddar every now and then for flavor, and some feta on my salads or in my salad dressings) I try not to go overboard and keep it very small.

So, the first thing I tried was Almond Breeze. I of course got the unsweetened kind. The original tastes pretty nutty and nothing like milk. I used it in my coffee, and that was about it. Ten I tried the same brand of the unsweetened vanilla. It’s, again, very nutty, but then I’m thinking, what do I expect since it’s made of almonds, but the vanilla was pretty good when mixed in with the chocolate pudding or hot chocolate protein mixes. I couldn’t bring myself to put it on the cereal, though.

Well, last week I was in the health food section of the grocery store, going to buy another Almond Breeze, when I spotted Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Vanilla in the cooler section. Hmmm. I’ve had Silk a time or two, and know it’s creamy, but that was long before I needed to stay away from milk products. Anyway, the Silk is 10 calories less per cup (a plus!) at only 30 calories for 8 oz. It is mostly fat (making it not IP compatible) but it only has 1 carb but also 1 fiber, meaning zero net carbs!

Ohhh it’s GOOOD! And it has the SAME amount of Calcium as a cup of skim milk!!!

I got it home and opened it and tried a taste. No, it’s not milk. But it’s not nutty either. It has a nice, light vanilla flavor that goes with everything! And this weekend, my breakfast treat was a bowl of IP cinnamon cereal with the Silk on it. YUM! Yum! YUM!

I have about a cup a day since I got it. 4 oz in my Nectar Vanilla Bean Torte and instant coffee lattes. 4 oz in my pudding/shakes. I add another 4 oz of ice water to both, but the Silk adds just the right creaminess that’s so good. And it makes the BEST IP alternative hot chocolates!

Since I live in Canada, I bought it here, but on my trip to Washington yesterday, I found it in a regular grocery store there, so it’s widely available.

Bella Vita Pasta Sauce

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I bought some Bella Vita Pasta Sauce from a few months ago, but really never got around to trying it. I was pretty sure it would taste like…you know… since almost everything else pre-made like it I’ve tried gagged me. (Walden Farms)

Last night I had a HUGE pasta craving. I made some Miracle Noodles with baked chicken breast chopped up, and used the Bella Vita on it.

YUM!!! The fat calories are high, but it’s low carb, which as you know is what I am more concerned with than fat, especially when giving in to a craving.

For 1/2 cup ( but I only used 1/4 of a cup for my 1 cup of noodles) 70 calories; 5g fat; 6g carbs; 2g fiber (4 net carbs).

I usually make my own homemade sauce, but I was in a “mood” yesterday and didn’t want to work. This was a GREAT tasting substitute for my homemade stuff.

Watch the Electrolytes

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I like bargain shopping, and that includes groceries. Since getting home a week ago, the only groceries I’ve gotten are veggies, and hubby told me we were out of bread last night. As in…totally out of bread. No warning that we’re getting low. *rolling eyes* How am I supposed to know we’re out of bread since I don’t eat it??? (Ongoing argument we have about groceries.)

So, last night I asked him to wake me up between 7 and 7:30 so I could get to the store when they open to get the day-old bakery breads, which he likes best.

I felt so drugged this morning I could barely crawl out of bed and into the shower. A little light headed. Really, really tired. And I went to bed at my normal time last night.

I don’t know why it takes me so long to clue in every single time this happens, but it does.

I do not take the ‘prescribed’ amount of potassium for the IP diet because I take a medication for PCOS that hoards potassium in the body. The problem is, I also take diuretics, so there is a tricky balance I have to keep. Too much potassium is toxic, too little and the electrolytes go off kilter and I fell like crap.

So, even if you don’t have my health issues, when you feel really crappy, I highly suggest Powerade Zero. It is IP approved. It isn’t an instant cure, but if I drink it in the morning (a whole bottle), I usually feel more normal by afternoon. If it’s your electrolytes, it should work.

Flavor is important to me.

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I feel compelled to write this post because I was looking through my last post, and I make it sound like all I did on vacation was eat.

This is not true. We did tons of shopping and tourist-type stuff. We toured Alcatraz, walked the entire length of Chinatown, Saw the “Painted Ladies”, went to Haight-Ashbury twice. We took a boat harbor tour, and did I mention we shopped?

The thing is, I love food. I love flavor. I grew up with a mom who was the best cook in the world. A lot of my life was based around food. Family gatherings, holidays, getting together with friends.

I have read a lot, lot, lot of posts about food addictions and that you have to “rethink” how you think about food. Yes, I overate for a lot of my life.

The last decade or so, I did NOT overeat, but still gained a lot of weight because of health issues that were not diagnosed.

I am not addicted to food. I came home from vacation and got right back on track with IP. I do not miss the sourdough bread that I caved and ate on vacation. I maintained the same weight for 2 years with torn ligaments and a breathing issue that made exerciser almost impossible. That meant eating an average of a 1200 calorie diabetic diet so that I didn’t gain weight. I can do that. I did that, as discouraging as it was not to lose weight, I made sure I didn’t gain any.

I am a complete believer that total deprivation is a bad thing.

Yes, if you have an eating disorder, such as overeating, binge eating, etc, then you need to “rethink” food. I was, a long time ago, a binge eater. I gained weight because I didn’t purge. That’s only half joking. I suffered from a serious clinical depression, and eating was a stress reliever. Once I got that figured out, I quit the binge eating.

Even on IP, If you’ve read my recipe posts, you can see that I crave flavors. I love, love, love Chinese food. I can go to a Chinese buffet (we did it last night) and walk away with a 500 calorie, 15 carb, 45 protein meal in me and not feel I missed anything. I spent years perfecting some recipes that I have now adjusted for IP. I don’t really have any serious cravings that I just “have to have” something or another. I don’t miss sugar, and I don’t miss regular bread. I don’t even miss butter. I do miss fruit, but I have so many fruity protein drinks that I get by. And I have a strawberry or two now and then, or sneak a 1/2 oz of frozen blueberries into my IP pancakes.

So, I guess what I’m saying here, is that I love to eat because I love the flavor of food. For most of our trip in San Francisco, I had a shrimp cocktail in the afternoon and I stopped there. Seafood is my favorite food in the world, and when I eat it at home, I make it healthy without butter, without breading. The way I saw San Francisco was that it will probably be my only time there, and I so wanted to experience all of it, including the food. Roast duck in Chinatown, Seafood on the wharf (including the garlic butter), coffee–oh I went a little nuts for SF coffee!

I wish I could share the way I view food now. I always make a conscious decision when I’m going to stray from the diet. And until this vacation (three months into the diet) I never strayed far enough to fall out of ketosis. All my extras were protein based. And if I would have avoided the darned sourdough bread, I would have done excellent on vacation. But that bread was a decision I made. Yes, I wanted it. Yes, it would take me out of ketosis. Yes, enjoying that dinner, in that place with my daughter, making a memory, was worth it to me. For the last 2 years before starting IP I made such decisions. I followed a very low-carb diet to maintain my weight, but there were pizza days. There were days I ate tempura at the Japanese restaurant I love. (Haven’t been there since starting IP!) There were even Subway sandwich days.

What I did give up years and years ago was huge portion sizes. I listen to my body, and when I’m full, I stop. I know not everyone can do this, and to those people, I agree, maybe you should avoid certain things. But in my mind, if I thought I could never have a real slice of thick, buttery-crusted pizza again in my life, what’s the use in living? Yes, a bit drastic, maybe overstated, but I think I make my point.

For now, I will not eat the tempura, I will not eat the pizza (until my next vacation when I know I will eat a piece of the best pizza ever made), and I will continue with the IP plan to the point that it doesn’t inhibit me from experiencing my flavors. Chinese, Italian, Mexican… But when I’m in maintenance, I will never tell myself NO, YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT. Sometimes all I need is a bite for the flavor. If it looks that good, and my mouth waters, I will take that bite and savor it.

I find this a much healthier way of looking at food than the people who deprive themselves, or the people on the forums who berate someone because they fell off the diet wagon and caved to a piece of chocolate. They make the poor person who is feeling guilty (seriously, I totally disagree with food guilt!) because they had a craving. I tried total deprivation as a young, overweight person, and all it did was make me fall way harder off whatever eating plan I was on, and stay off, and gain weight.

Guess what. I had one bite of my kiddo’s Ghirardelli chocolate. That was all I needed, and it tasted good.

I commend those who can follow IP to the letter. I am not one of those people, but that’s okay. I’m losing weight, I feel great, and I’m still enjoying life. I don’t count the days until this diet ends, as many seem to. I count the pounds I shed, and smile. I’ll get there when I get there!

Eating on vacation and not gaining weight.

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My kiddo and I spent 2 weeks between San Francisco and the Oregon coast for spring break. There were good days and bad days diet-wise, but I came home with a 0 gain or loss, and I count that as a real positive! The greatest thing of all was that I look awesome in the pictures. As in, I look happier and healthier than I’ve looked in about a decade, and I didn’t spend time hiding from thecamera.

Always in my travels, I come home 5-10 lbs heavier after a vacation, especially to a place where there is lots of food that I enjoy, like fish and chips and sourdough bread and clam chowder. I could live off seafood if given the chance!

So, here’s what I did…

We spent 5 full days in San Francisco. I kept my Ostrim Jerky snacks with me at all times, and I drank my IP chocolate drinks. But once a day, when it was time for the protein, we’d get a “seafood snack”. This consisted of, for me, usually a jumbo shrimp cocktail. These were great. Five or size huge shrimp or prawns, a little cabbage or lettuce, and a bit of cocktail sauce. Granted, the cocktail sauce was not low carb, so I made sure not to eat too much of it.

Of course, beyond the seafood there were the quick meals when I became desperate for my protein, like a bun-less bacon burger from Johnny Rockets, and the day we spent shopping in Chinatown we ordered a platter of roasted duck and roasted pork. That was amazingly good! Solid protein.

I also did justify eating more food with the fact that in 5 days we easily walked 20 miles…up and down the hills of San Francisco. I needed the energy and made sure I got it with extra protein.

The only issue I had all week was that the Ostrim has pretty high sodium, and by the end of the week, I was retaining a good 5-8 lbs of water, even though I was taking my diuretics. On the other hand, I was shrinking because I had to go buy a belt for a fairly new pair of jeans! This was all okay with me!!!

After the five days in San Francisco, on our last night there, we went and splurged! I wanted a full seafood meal, and went to an upscale restaurant on the wharf. I ordered the shellfish platter. This would have been perfectly healthy, if everything on it hadn’t been drowned in butter. I knew I was going off plan for the evening, so I had no problem with that. My issue came with not being able to say “no” to the freshly baked sourdough bread that tasted ohhhh so good dipped in the garlic butter on my plate.

I am positive I went out of ketosis that night. I had quite a few pieces of bread. But I said, that’s okay. One time the whole vacation. I even gave in and ate the piece of roasted corn on my plate. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

I do not feel guilt over the way I ate on this trip. Yes, I could have done better, I probably SHOULD have done better. But I have dealt with my weight issues for long enough to know that I lost 30 lbs in 3.5 months, and as soon as I get home, I’m back on plan and look eagerly to losing 30+ more. I refuse to let food control me or my emotions ever again. The time for feeling guilt over food is gone. I made each choice knowing that I was going off plan, and that it would take time to get back on. I ate the things I ate because I wanted to, not because I “couldn’t control myself”. Yes, the sourdough put me over, but I made the conscious thought to eat it.

I will be honest and say that the second week of the trip was really hard. I found it very difficult to find the kinds of foods I needed while traveling up the Oregon coast. The restaurants are NOT low-carb friendly. I admit to eating a few more pieces of sourdough bread…obviously a weakness for me. I ate mostly protein, but they all seemed high in fat. Steaks and seafood with butter-the only way to get seafood if it’s not fried. I will say I did NOT ever eat anything fried. I never fell that far. I even had a huge difficulty finding any chef/deli green/mixed salads in the grocery stores! I am guessing that eating super healthy has not touched that part of the state. There were days I didn’t get the veggies I needed, because I couldn’t find them. Thank God for Subway salads! They saved me a couple of times!

But then we made it to Portland, and spent 2 days there. I’m fairly sure I was out of ketosis by then, and I didn’t feel real great for the days we were there because I was going back in. I was able to get a steak one night – though trying to order one without potatoes or the “wrong” kinds of veggies was IMPOSSIBLE. I had to pick off croutons, not eat the corn, and pray the dressing really was low carb and they weren’t lying to shut me up because I was being realllly picky.

Then we had a food truck lunch (I could easily live off food truck food!) I ate Cajun chicken for the first time in my life-and loved it! Yes, it had the skin and was fried, but no batter/flour. Again, bad food, but low carbs. The Greek Salad was super yummy, and I, yes, ate the cheese and the balsamic vinaigrette. I shared it with the kiddo, so I only had half, but they put a lot of cheese on that sucker! Portion control seems to do the trick, since the scale did not move. I made sure to NEVER overeat, never stuff myself. This was a vacation from the diet, as well as practice of what real life is going to be like once I’m done with IP. Though, I won’t spend much of my life on the coast eating buttery baked seafood!

I also caught my first sickness since starting IP. I had some severe hay fever type allergies hit, and then a cold on top of that. Maybe it was just that I was exposed to so many people, but a little part of me wonders if my body was rebelling to my bad eating for a week. 2 days after I got home, the allergies AND the cold symptoms are all gone, and the same things are blooming here at home as were on the coast. It makes me believe again that my body was rebelling, and it’s something I’m going to have to watch out for in the future, when I’m done with this diet, I think.

Besides eating, and we did do a whole lot of tourist activities like a tour of Alcatraz, shopping Haight-Ashbury and Chinatown, and we walked and walked and walked and walked when we weren’t taking the Muni around San Francisco. We love that city!

We also went on a shopping spree. This is the first time in my adult life I ever enjoyed shopping. I am still in plus sizes, but I can now buy “off the rack.” I bought a few things to fit me now, since everything I own is baggy and falling off. But I also bought my “shrink into” clothes. I even bought my “goal” jeans. I feel great about this and so excited to get back to work and get there!


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I’ve been quiet for a few days as I prepare for spring break in San Francisco with my daughter.

My personal goal on this trip – besides looking fabulous in pictures! – is to eat the local food and stay OP!

I am so looking forward to seafood.

Preparations for the trip? I’m pre-making about a dozen pancakes. When I have a microwave, I can warm them for breakfast, and when I don’t have a microwave, I’ll smear on a little low carb jelly for lunch or snack. I have my soups and chili packs to use in microwaves. (don’t forget the tupperware to use to heat!)

I have my low carb ketchup, bbq sauce, and made up some low carb seafood sauce. And of course my salad dressing. I’m READY!

Salads are easy to come by – there is a Subway just about everywhere. I think there’s one 2 blocks from my hotel. And protein without extras should be good. I’m seriously hoping for that microwave so I can zap some frozen veggies. That’s my only tiny concern, but if all else fails, I’ll grab some heftier veggies at the grocery and eat them raw, though that’s not what I prefer.

I’ll check in when I can.

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