Low-carb milk that tastes GOOD!

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I was born on a farm, and my first year I drank goat’s milk. I don’t remember this, and now, I can’t stand anything with goat’s milk in it. The smell of even the most expensive goat cheese gags me. But one of my clearest memories was going to my uncle’s cattle farm in Nebraska and being able to go to the fridge and pull out the big glass pitcher of fresh, right out of the cow, milk. Nothing tasted better than that creamy, sweet milk!

Through my childhood and teen years, we drank store-bought whole milk, we ate the thick, full-fat sour cream, and we never worried about low-fat cottage cheese. When I married, my hubby drank 2%, and that was a bit of a change. In fact, I started not drinking much milk at all, other than to put it in my coffee. Once in a while I’d get a craving and have a whole glass, or of course, if I ate cake or cookies, I’d have a glass. Once I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol, my doc told me to go to skim milk. Well, hubby made the switch no problem. I quit drinking milk all together and had to search and search to find the best tasting fat-free sour cream. (It’s Tillamook, by the way).

I only put milk in my coffee, hardly ever drink it at all, and then when I went low-carb, I cut myself off milk all together, and switched to almond milk, which is good in cooking and to mix with protein drinks, but it doesn’t really taste like MILK. I even got tired of all my coffee tasting the same…like it has a hint of almonds in it.

I read about Hood milk on another blog, and thought I should try it. It’s not very popular in my area, and it took quite a search to find it, and frankly, the customer service wasn’t very helpful (they didn’t answer any questions) when I contacted them via email from their website. But I did find it in my local Fred Meyers (Kroger) and they only carry one kind of milk from the brand, but boy oh boy is it ever good!

I have no idea how they do it, and frankly I don’t want to know because I love this stuff. It reminds me of the creamy full-fat milk I grew up on.

You can check out their line of low-carb milk products at: http://www.hood.com/

Big, healthy dinner

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First, this was not MY plate, it was my hubby’s. I didn’t eat a potato, but I did eat the rest.

This is a whole Cornish hen, and from an earlier recipe, the Thai stir-fry veggies.

I did not eat the skin either. Without the skin, a whole hen is only 460 calories.

The veggies are about 100.

The bbq sauce is also from an earlier recipe, the low-carb bbq sauce recipe.

And I was STUFFED when I was done eating!

For the hen. I bought it frozen, and thawed it in a sink of lukewarm water until it was thawed through and room temp. I did a salt/pepper/smoked paprika rub with a little olive oil.
Bake at 350 for about 50 min (check internal temp is at least 160F with a meat thermometer) and then let set for about 5 min and serve with your fav veggies. YUMMY!

My New Toy

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I bought this a couple of weeks ago as an early “house” Christmas present.

Ninja Professional Master Kitchen.

I’m SOOOO glad I did. I still haven’t used the big pitcher that comes with it, but I’ve had protein smoothies every afternoon for my snack—it mixes whey protein like a miracle! And I used the food processor attachment with the dough hook for making the Carbquick recipes, and I made chicken salad with it sooo fast!

I highly, 100% recommend this item!

Carbquick Baking Mix

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Well, I have no idea if I’m just slow on the uptake or what, but I have “just” discovered Carbquick baking mix.

Actually, I’ve seen it around for the last year that I’ve been low-carbing, but it’s really expensive at the local stores where I buy low-carb foods, so I have avoided it. BUT I’ve tried several other brands, such as Bob’s Mill, which I absolutely HATED. The biscuits I made with the other brands came out like bad-tasting hockey pucks.

Well, I caved the other day and bought a $20 box of Carbquick. Even while I was making the cheddar/garlic biscuits from the recipe on the side of the box for dinner yesterday, I didn’t have much hope for it. (90 calories and 2 net carbs per 2 biscuits when making 12 biscuits per recipe)

Boy was I wrong! These biscuits equaled Bisquick in my opinion, and my hubby said they were the best biscuits I’ve ever made (though I tried not to take offence since I used to make them from scratch). 😉

Anyway, I highly recommend this stuff. I’ve found it for much cheaper on Netrition.com and am ordering a couple more boxes. The Carbquick website has a plethora of really tasty looking recipes I will be trying.

I’ll keep you posted! I am going to try the pizza dough recipe tomorrow, and I have a special family recipe that uses white bread dough to make these tasty meat pockets… Can’t wait!

I must confess…

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I’m have a real hard time getting back and staying on plan. It’s been about a week since I decided to it, but the last three days, I’ve been bad. Eating the bun and fries with a burger. Feeling hungry constantly. Wanting junk food like crazy.

I made it through Halloween with no chocolate. I’m not craving sweets, just bread, chips, fries, muffins, CARBS.

I have a feeling my body is still undergoing changes due to the surgery (I’ve just passed the 4 week mark.) On the upside, I’m walking at least a mile a day, so that’s helping me not gain weight, but one mile shouldn’t make me add that many calories to my diet.

My cycle, before surgery, for an entire year, was on a 3 week cycle, versus a normal 4 week cycle. Well, I’m at 4 weeks today, and it’s nowhere in sight, which means I may just be in a major PMS mode. Usually, every month, the day before I start, I go through a must-eat-everything-in-the-house day, and I usually give in a bit to it, but that feeling has been going on for about 5 days now.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want to be honest. I’m struggling. I’m working on it, I’m trying to be good, but I’m struggling.

Let’s hope this coming week is better!

Post-surgery…Back on plan!

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Today is 2 weeks and 5 days post open-heart surgery, and I’m doing amazingly well, and I’m going back“on plan” as of this morning. It’s time to buckle down and get working on the next 50 lbs I need to lose!

Over the last couple of months, I’ve put on about 15 lbs from the lowest I got down to. I have to look at it as “that’s okay” because I was simply trying to survive the stress of “Holy sh** they’re going to cut me open and stop my heart to fix it!!!” Yes, that went through my head many times a day for the last few months before I had the surgery.

In reality, the surgery went very smoothly, and my recovery has been amazing.
My wonderful sister, who is a cardiac rehab nurse, who has worked in cardiac ICU, came to be by our side and help shoulder some of the stress and answer my husband’s and daughter’s questions. We had a wonderful couple of days doing some touristy stuff before the surgery, and then she was there with my husband and daughter every second they needed her.

Now, a little less than 3 weeks post-op, the only thing I’m dealing with some residual muscle pain in the chest/arm/shoulder area, that the surgeon says is normal and should be gone by the time I hit the 6 week recovery date. I’m mostly off the harder pain meds, except sometimes in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep from the pain.

My surgeon says once I hit 6 weeks, I can go back to all normal activity. I’m already ahead of most rehab patients in what they call the “walking plan” which was supposed to be 5 min a day the day you go home from the hospital, adding 1 minute each day after that. I was doing 30 min the day I got home from the hosp, and 2 days ago, I went shopping with my teenager and was on my feet for wayyyy more than 30 min. That wore me out really badly, but I survived. I’m well on my way to a full recovery!

October 4th was a new beginning to my life. I can already tell the difference in my heartbeat, in the fact I can get a little winded while walking and it doesn’t feel like I’m strangling to death. (Because of the hole, I had 2x the amount of blood flowing through my lungs than I should have, so the second my heartbeat got faster, I couldn’t breathe. – I’d been living with that for years.)

Now, today, October 23rd, I get back to healthy eating – yep, I went a little overboard since my surgery eating things I had no business eating. Pain makes me hungry, and comfort food seemed appropriate. – Today that ends. I have my protein foods, my egg whites, and my mind and body in the right place to begin again.

The picture was taken 3 days ago… My scar is minimal, and I love my surgeon for that! My family says I can still wear my lower necklines and it won’t matter. I hope they’re right. All my newer clothes are low necklines!


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October 4th is the day of my heart surgery. I’ll post progress reports after. Until then, I’m concentrating on staying calm, making all my doctor appointments, and getting my house and job in order so things to fall apart during my recovery.

Prayers are very welcome!

On Vacation

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For anyone who follows this blog…

I’m on vacation, currently in Nebraska visiting family, then off to see Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion Nat’l Parks.

I am eating as healthy as I can, being very careful of my choices. With my surgery date looming in just a couple of months, I can’t afford to gain any weight! I’m eating as much salad as I can, and enjoying the fresh from the hoof (almost) beef on my Aunt’s farm. I must admit to also enjoying the fresh from the stalk bi-color corn on the cob too. I have passed up the pies, cookies and chocolate puddings that my lovely aunt loves making, so I think I’m doing well. The fresh fruit I am eating in moderation. Strawberries, cantaloupe and watermelon fresh from the patch…

I eat my protein snacks for mid-afternoon and nighttime when I need a little something, and trying to only eat protein of some kind for breakfast. Lunch and dinner I eat what I’m served, but that’s how it’s done in farming country. Aunt is very nice in trying to cater to my dietary needs, so it’s going fairly well.

Getting back on plan…

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Well, it’s true. When you’ve been off off the plan (low-cal/low-carb/low-fat ketosis diet) and you slam your body into gear to get back on the plan, dropping back under 1000 cal/day, you will go through the hell of the first 4/5 days again.

I am on day 5 and the headache is finally gone, but I’ve also dropped 3 lbs…my body ridding itself of the glycogen stores, I’m sure, along with the excess water I’ve been retaining from eating higher carbs.

I feel good today. Lighter and more with it. I need to remember this feeling and not lose it. Eating cake was certainly NOT worth the 3 days of mood swings and blinding headaches. I know that now for sure!

Lunch today was a nice green salad with lots of “stuff” and dill cucumber chips (Nally’s Surfboards – my favorite) topped with some tuna salad made with hard boiled eggs and low-fat mayo. Was very yummy!

Home and eating healthy!

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Home two nights, and eating only HEALTHY food!

Day 1: Big green salad and baked chicken breast

Day 2: Veggie kabobs and New York strip steak; bbq’d

Just as tasty, and way healthier than restaurant food. Not to mention way cheaper!

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