Ham & Egg wrap

Posted by leannekarella on May 2nd, 2013 |Filed Under Recipes | 1 Comment

Hungry today, so I needed a bigger, more solid lunch than just salad, as I usually do. This was today’s creation.

3 leafs romaine
3 slices Great Value 97 % fat free deli smoked ham
1 slice Go Veggie American style cheese slice
1/2 cup 100% liquid egg whites
1 Tblsp fat free mayo
as much deli mustard as you want!
a couple deli style dill spears

Fry up egg whites with whatever seasoning you prefer, cut into 3 strips.
Spread mayo and mustard on three large lettuce leaves. Fold ham slices in half and place one on each leaf. Cut the cheese in 3 slices. Place warm egg over cheese to make it a little melty. Add pickles and YUM!

This plate = 228 cal; 31 protein; 6 fat; 12 carbs; 2 fiber


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