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I’ve been quiet for a few days as I prepare for spring break in San Francisco with my daughter.

My personal goal on this trip – besides looking fabulous in pictures! – is to eat the local food and stay OP!

I am so looking forward to seafood.

Preparations for the trip? I’m pre-making about a dozen pancakes. When I have a microwave, I can warm them for breakfast, and when I don’t have a microwave, I’ll smear on a little low carb jelly for lunch or snack. I have my soups and chili packs to use in microwaves. (don’t forget the tupperware to use to heat!)

I have my low carb ketchup, bbq sauce, and made up some low carb seafood sauce. And of course my salad dressing. I’m READY!

Salads are easy to come by – there is a Subway just about everywhere. I think there’s one 2 blocks from my hotel. And protein without extras should be good. I’m seriously hoping for that microwave so I can zap some frozen veggies. That’s my only tiny concern, but if all else fails, I’ll grab some heftier veggies at the grocery and eat them raw, though that’s not what I prefer.

I’ll check in when I can.


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