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I posted a while back about the Kool-ade flavors and such, which I still love, but here’s what I take with me to restaurants to sneak into my drink for flavor that don’t add color. Sneaky me, right?

I love lemon water, and most restaurants (other than fast food) will give you a slice of lemon if you ask, but I’ve learned that they’re not always healthy. After getting a slice of lemon that made my water taste like hand lotion, and I asked for a replacement, and the second one did too, I started researching. UGH! I won’t tell you what I found, but needless to say, I won’t be eating cut up lemons at restaurants, especially restaurants with bars, any time soon.

So, these little packs areĀ availableĀ in most grocery stores. Lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange. They’re all very tart, like the real thing. 2 pks of the orange or grapefruit for a 16oz glass of ice water adds really nice flavor, and sometimes I put in a squeeze of liquid stevia or Splenda because they are very tart. One lemon or lime adds the flavor of a slice to the glass of water. The actual drink mixes, which I got from the True Lemon website, taste AMAZING. They’re strong, and I need to use 20oz of water, instead of 16 oz, but they are sooo yummy. They each have 10 calories per stick, no artificial flavors/sweeteners. 1 carb. 1 sugar. And 100% of your daily Vitamin C.


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