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I love, love, love Carl’s Jr. burgers. I have since I had my first one a few years ago. Now, finally, we have one near us that just opened in the last few months.

So, this is: Carl’s Jr low carb “thickburger” (if you’re in canada) “original six-dollar burger” (if you’re in the USA).

No condiments! It only comes with the lettuce wrap and some tomatoes, and sometimes pickles (I don’t know why it’s only sometimes). I do take-out, but make sure I don’t go through drive-thru, I go in and talk to them face-to-face because they never get it right unless I’m there being kind of a pain. No condiments. On IP, you can have mustard, but since I take it home I don’t want my lettuce wrap all soggy. No condiments, and since this is my tomato treat, I ask for extra (one extra slice). Did I mention, no condiments? *grin*

I take it home and made a batch of rutabega fries. 200 grams raw is my serving size. Then I put a slice of veggie cheese on the burger and warm it up in the microwave after removing all veggies so they don’t wilt and get soggy. Then I rebuild it and add my pickles, non-fat mayo, mustard (if you didn’t get it) and low-carb ketchup. YUMM!!!

This plate is 445 calories and 17 net carbs.


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