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So, before going on IP, I was a diet soda drinker. I liked them all. My favorite since it appeared on the market is Pepsi Max, but I like root beer, Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, and Sunkist orange.

On IP they don’t want you having carbonated drinks, and no aspartame. There goes everything I like! I’ve done my research on this and come to learn that for the normal person, it won’t hurt your diet if you drink them. IP is based on Acid/Alkaline balance, and drinking carbonated drinks, especially the dark-colored ones, sets your body to acid. Well, okay. I’m trying my best to be good, and though I haven’t strayed yet, I’ll probably have my Pepsi Max now and then when I get the craving.

As for the¬†aspartame, I actually believe what I’m reading in one respect. I think it screws with my diabetic body and tricks it into believing it’s actually getting sugar, therefore I get a glucose spike. I know it should be avoided.

So, what to drink besides water???

Well, I did find these nifty little bottles of Kool-Aid drink mix. MIO came out with the squeeze bottles a couple of years ago, but I don’t like their flavors. The Kool-Aid drinks taste exactly like real Kool-Aid. There is also a few flavors in the Wal-Mart brand. I’ve only tried one. The kiddo likes it a lot, though I’m not a fan. They’re made with Sucralose, which is allowed on the diet. And you sure don’t need much of this stuff because it’s powerful! Yummy. genericBut I limit myself to one “treat” a day. I don’t mind drinking water at all, and have always consumed large amounts, so that was no hardship. But even though I consumed nearly what I am supposed to drink on IP, I also had at least one soda a day, and often a couple cups of Crystal Light. I understand Crystal Light has some sucralose products, but I’ve only found a couple flavors in the squeezies. And even the sucralose my diabetic body doesn’t care for too much. (one a day only for me)

steazBut I found, in Low Carb Grocery, these drinks by Steaz. I’ve only tried the one flavor, and it’s fantastic. I just don’t think I’ll care for the other ones. You can buy them from (I just placed an order for a 12 pk because it was cheaper than buying them one at at time at Low Carb Grocery.) They’re my new weekly “treat”.


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