The Down Days

Posted by leannekarella on January 18th, 2013 |Filed Under My Thoughts | Leave a Comment

So, I have that water retention issue I mentioned before. The bad thing is when I do my morning weigh in, and I’ve had too much salt the day before (I ate the IP chicken noodle soup, which I love mixed up with some home made chicken stock – salt-free – and some veggies.) and then get on the scale and it’s UP.

I know logically that it’s the water. I can feel it in my puffy fingers and I have some edema on my legs. But even though I know it’s the water, it’s so disheartening to see the scale up 3lb from yesterday morning. I get obessessive about going over every single thing I ate the day before. I had tomatoes yesterday, did that do it? No, I’m allowed tomatoes twice a week. But maybe…

Basically, these are the days that I feel a little down and wonder if it’s worth it, even though I know I didn’t REALLY gain real weight. And when the water comes off, I’ll probably be lower than I was before. These are the days I need a little extra self encouragement. I have such a long way to go…


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