A few changes to the IP Plan for my health issues

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So a few things I have had to change/do differently than the “normal” person on IP.

Because of the heart issue, I have a pretty serious water retention issue. Until starting IP, I was on basically a zero salt diet. If I eat anything pre-packaged (a can of soup or a restaurant meal) I puff up. My water retention can go up to…well, the worst I’ve seen it is 12 lbs of fluid on my legs, belly and hands. This is extremely uncomfortable, and it makes my breathing difficult. I take 2 different daily prescription diuretics.

A big component of IP is the balance of salt and potassium. The pre-packaged foods are all high in sodium, plus you’re told to use 2 tsp MORE a day of the sea salt. I don’t normally have the 2 tsp alone, let alone the 1500-3000 mg salt a day with the packaged foods. This was a concern for me, and for only the first day on IP, I did not take a diuretic to see how bad it would get. I was up 6 lbs the following morning. Even after going back to the diuretic, I would retain the fluids if I ate the higher sodium meals (most of the soups, which I happen to love). I also do NOT use the extra sea salt. I now only consume the lower sodium packets. I love the plain omelet (when adding seasoning and veggies and some ham) and I have yet to find any of the drinks I don’t like. Only the dark chocolate pudding, in my opinion, is edible.

Another issue is that I take Spironolactone, which is another slight diuretic with a whole lot of other goodness for a person with PCOS such as myself. (It’s cleared up my acne, and I don’t get the skin cysts as much since taking it.) BUT, this pill causes my body to hoard potassium. Therefore, taking the big dose supplement daily is not a good thing. Luckily, I’ve had to deal with fluctuating potassium levels for the last few years because of the diuretics, so I know when to take a supplement or not. I take one about every 3 days.

The last thing is, on IP they are very strict about 2 low carb packets a day, 1 of the higher carb packets. Because of my diabetes, and the fact that I have morning (fasting) high glucose readings, I cannot eat the higher carb packet. (I was doing low carb for years before I started IP just to keep from needing to go on insulin.)

To make up for the 50-60 calories less I’m getting than the “average” IPer, I’m supplementing with about 2 ounces of extra meat protein a day, usually with my breakfast. I really like Ostrim meat sticks or a little fat free ham or turkey or chicken thrown in my plain omelet pack for breakfast.

All of these things I’ve discussed with my coach, and he said as long as I’m losing weight and not hungry, it’s all good. He even suggested having a 4th low carb packet a day, if I don’t feel I’m getting enough protein. The thing is, it’s not the protein that high carb pack contains, it’s all carb. And bad carb at that, for a diabetic. It’s all sugars. Now, if they’d come out with some bars that were higher in fiber, I’d be one happy camper!


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