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Start weight 282.6 December 26, 2012

Ideal Protein Update. Week 3

I started the diet on December 26th after enjoying turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce. I can still eat the turkey, but all the rest is off limits now.

Week one was pure hell. I won’t lie. My body went through withdrawal, and I was pretty sure I’d starve to death. Not really, but it was a constant feeling of hunger for 3 days. I’d been warned about this with the promise it wouldn’t last, so I suffered through it and stayed in my bedroom so I didn’t hurt anyone 🙂 The worst part was the headache.

By day 5 I was feeling better, though just weak. Lori was on Christmas vacation, so we sat and watched Netflix for a few days, until finally we got some nice weather and got out for a little walk.

By the end of week 2 I was feeling more normal. In fact, I seem to have some excess energy I am not real sure what to do with, and I’m not needing as much sleep. This is all nice. Not complaining about that.

I have also been delving into finding all the info I can online about the diet, because there are a lot of questions my diet coach can’t seem to answer. (Here in Canada, this diet is not medically supervised as it is in the US…FDA type regulations are not as strict here. Though my GP is aware I’m on this diet and she is monitoring my progress.)

I’ve discovered a lot that I wasn’t told, and when the coach would just say “do this” and couldn’t tell me why, well, I don’t do that. I went in search of the whys. Most of the diet makes sense to me, and since it’s working, I’ll follow it. There is a lot of info on the diet online, and I’m happy to have found a few reliable sources…mostly from MD’s in the USA.

It took some trial and error finding the packaged foods I liked (there are more I dislike, some I can barely gag down) and some I can’t eat because of my weird health issues. But all in all, I’m very happy with the diet so far.

My diet coach said he wouldn’t micromanage me because I understand my body, and frankly I think I’m weirder medically than he’s used to dealing with. He said as long as I’m losing weight and not feeling hungry, he’ll let me monitor myself. I go in once a week for a weigh in and measurement and discuss any issues with him.

The best part for me, even more so than the weight loss, is that my morning glucose levels, which have run very high for the last year and my GP was threatening insulin shots…they’ve normalized this past week! I’m SO happy about that!!!

The cravings are gone, too. That happened just as I entered week 3. I can even handle having the fam eat “bad” food around me and the urges to hurt them is gone. This is a good thing!

I’ve gotten creative in the kitchen mixing and matching and cooking my own low carb/low fat condiments and salad dressings, because I detest the pre-packaged crap the diet company suggests. So far I’ve got a “better than Heinz” ketchup recipe, and a bbq sauce that tastes better than any bottled stuff, healthy or not. (The whole family will be switching to this once the high sugar varieties they’re eating are used up) VERY happy with those! 🙂

8 lb lost so far.


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