I have terrible ankles and they just keep getting worse. I need to get to a podiatrist asap and get them checked out again and then I need to go over to a shoe store where they specialize in running shoes and get some good ones that will support my feet. Currently I have two bad ankles, blisters on the bottoms of my feet, and no tolerance for pain.

I ran 2 miles outside today but couldn’t finish the last mile because my feet hurt so bad. It’s really cutting into my exercise time!

Food hasn’t been great, but I am trying. It’ll be a lot easier once I’m back home and I can really focus on what I eat. I’m looking forward to it.

I need to pick up the 30 day shred so that I can do that at home and when I’m in Seattle too. I’m nervous about going back out to Seattle this summer. I blew up last summer from all the drinking and eating I did. I can’t allow myself to do that again… I won’t. I was miserable afterward. If I want to have a drink I will, but then my butt’s going right back to the gym! So I have to choose. Would I rather run to burn off the calories, or just not have that margarita??? We’ll see what happens.

The semester is winding down (I’m in the middle of finals right now) so I have hardly any food, basically no money, and very little interest in doing work. I eat very well during the day though because I know dinner is just going to be a disaster. My roommate made cookies tonight too…ugh!

Im proud of myself for the exercise that I’ve been doing though. 2 miles on Tuesday, 3 miles on wednesday, 2 miles on Tuesday. I think that’s awesome. I better keep that up at home. It’s the one thing I don’t want to stop doing. And I’m very excited for the furry 5k in June. They just put up the website and I can’t wait to register!

Alright, off to do some stuff before bed… official weigh in tomorrow!

*I will workout tomorrow because I want to STAY under 170 forever!*