I’ve been gone for a few days due to homework and what not. It’s so difficult to do this while I”m in college. Papers really get in the way of blogging and going to the gym.

I woke up yesterday and my toe was swollen and it was killing me… I went to the Dr. and I had an ingrown toe-nail. Disgusting. Anyway, he removed it but now I have to keep my toe bandaged and it’s kind of uncomfortable to walk on. So I couldn’t go to the gym yesterday. Today I have class at 2 and then a group project from 4:30-8:30 but I’m going to skip the gym anyway just to give my toe another day to rest. Tomorrow though… back to the gym!

Shirley (my gym buddy) ran 4 miles yesterday at a 5 mph speed. I know we all run at our own pace or whatever but it bums me out that she can run longer and faster than I can. I just have to keep reminding myself that she started this a year before I did. I’ll get there. I will!

I’m really excited for the 5k in June. I hope that I’ll be ready to do it. Eating right is getting more and more difficult. For some reason every time I drop a pound I feel that now I can eat whatever I want. And that’s SO not the case. I think a lot of it is that it’s very difficult for me to keep track of what I eat. Especially if it’s not simple to count the calories. For pre-packaged foods it’s very easy but I’m too lazy to be measuring out things and weighing foods. I don’t even own a scale… I should really get one. Being a student makes it very difficult to make sure I count everything that goes into my mouth… especially since my roommate doesn’t watch what she eats at all (she doesn’t need to). I hope that eventually writing down what I eat just becomes a habit.

once I’m finished writing the 3 papers that I have due next week I’ll be able to focus solely on diet and exercise. 3fc.com and hungrygirl.com are the two things that keep me going… so I’m extremely grateful for that.

OH one last thing… my birthday is coming up on Tuesday and I’ve already decided I want to go to Red Lobster for dinner because I haven’t been there in ages and I love their cheesy biscuits. mmm. That day I’ll have to really watch what I eat so I can splurge for dinner.

Ok, that’s all…