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Well, just one new thing I guess.  I had my first two kettlebell classes since my last post.  The first one left me with very sore quads for three days afterwards, and slightly sore quads on the 4th day.  We had done a ton of squat-type moves while swinging around the kettlebell.  A lot more of a cardio workout than I expected!  The 2nd class was a bit easier, and since the other student in class was also sore in the quads, the instructor did slightly less of those movements and also did a much better warm up.  I find that by the time we get to the mat and do some ab work, I’m pretty pooped and find it mostly impossible to do the very challenging plank moves.  My goal is to get better at those.  I’ve also found that the lightest kettlebell they have (10 lbs) to be too heavy after a while, so I switch and use a 5- or 8-lb dumbbell.  My bf and I checked out the new Ross store near us and bf actually spotted kettlebells, and I bought a 5- and a 7-pound k’bell for less than $15.  Not as nice as the ones in class by a long shot, but they’ll do.  I’ll likely bring the 7 pounder to class with me this Sunday.  I like the class, it really, really challenges me.  There are only six sessions total and I’m disappointed that I will be missing one of them because of a weekend getaway I have coming up. 

I’m at a 10-lb loss in ww now, though I can’t say I trust the ww scale over mine, especially since I’ve been struggling with eating and sure didn’t feel like I lost a pound over the past week.  This past weekend was book club, and while bf tries to be mindful of eating healthier, things like tacos and ribs and meals eaten out still continue to challenge me. 

The main NSV continues to be my baggy dress slacks.  I’m not a huge fan of belts, but I’ve had to pull out my old belts and use them to cinch the waists of my slacks so they don’t droop.  Not terribly flattering, but until I get down to some serious shopping (my outings so far have yielded nothing), it’ll have to suffice.

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  1. hankpanky on April 18th, 2013

    I used to do a kettlebell class and I liked it a lot; it’s great cardio. Good job on the loss. I, too, have a challenging mate when it comes to meal planning.

  2. gwen on April 18th, 2013

    I keep not getting around to getting a kettlebell or heavier weights. I need to make that an April goal.

    Good for you for doing the classes!

    Tacos; eat without the shell. Ribs; limit yourself to 2-3 (depending upon the size)…focus on the meat, not all the sides. It can be done! 😀

  3. sunnydayz on April 22nd, 2013

    I’m glad you like the kettlebell class. They are supposed to burn mad calories. I have bob Harper kettlebell dvd that i do occasionally and it is challenging but I feel great afterwards. It’s a whole body workout for sure. I LOVE tacos – so hard to resist.

    CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 10 POUND LOSS and the baggy slacks!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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