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Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

So, for the past few days I’ve been keeping a ‘food diary’; simply writing down and keeping note of everything I eat in a day. Today I’ve decided to do something a little different and track the calories in each bit of food as well.

As of now, I’m totalling around 300-400 calories for what I’ve eaten so far, which is good. I’ve still got dinner to come and maybe a snack – 3 rich tea biscuits.

What I’ve eaten so far:
– 1 small satsuma – 15 calories
– A Weight Watchers apricot yoghurt – 48 calories
– 2 Belvita breakfast biscuits (milk and cereal flavour) – 112 calories
– Asda farmhouse style vegetable cup-a-soup – 59 calories
– 1 wholemeal pitta bread – 160 calories
– 1 bag of Shapers popcorn (maple flavour) – 92 calories.

Dinner tonight will be a microwave meal but not sure which one yet.

Checking in

Monday, November 5th, 2012

So i’ve been bad and not kept this blog up to date as I intended! Since the last post, my eating hasn’t been too bad. Last week I caved and had a McDonald’s 🙁 it was through stress though, was frantically trying to find a halloween costume the same day I needed it, so i didn’t beat myself up too much about it. Other than that, my general daily intake HAS increased but i’m not too worried as I don’t want to eat too little and then put on like 3lbs as soon as I slip up; at least this way, gaining won’t be as much 🙂 (see, i’m starting to think sensibly about food!)

I haven’t started exercising properly yet but i’m really aiming too; going to rejoin the gym after christmas as well ’cause I actually miss it and obviously the exercise will help out! My other half is going to join as well so I’ll have a gym buddy to help 😀

Tomorrow is my 2nd official weigh in and i’m sooo hoping i lose another 1lb by then (should be possible). I weighed in last night at 178lbs so not only broke the 180’s at last but have lost 7lbs in total which is half a stone!! SO excited and a much better result than I was expecting. 178lbs is 12st 10lbs so want to be into single figure pounds by tomorrow.. then it’s not far til I’m back in the 160’s and 11st’s – my comfortable weight. I think that ball park will really challenge me tho as I’ve always been comfortable there and will need to give myself an extra push to carry on with the weight loss. But that is a problem for another day!

Soon it will be lunch and a yummy cup-a-soup with crackers (and maybe a ww yoghurt!)


Get fat Friday :(

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Completely ruined the day food wise!! so upset with myself. After my last post, when lunch time rolled around, I realised that I hadn’t brought in another box of cup-a-soups for my lunch. So instead, I had my usual pitta and another 3 crackers w/ cheese spead and 2 rice cakes! And now I’ve just eaten a further 3 crackers, along with a triple chocolate yoghurt pot 🙁 It was only 160 calories but it still feels like failure.

I really need to work on my eating on Friday’s as I can’t keep letting it ruin all the good work I achieve through the rest of the week. Although I’ve been bad, I’m gonna pick myself up and carry on 🙂

All you can eat Friday!!

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Fridays at work are what I like to call “All you can eat Friday”. My colleague and fellow secretary ‘S’ goes to the shop in the morning and buys a selection of snacky bits for us all to eat throughout the day. When you’re on a diet it is soooo hard to resist! All the cakes, cookies, chocalate (arghhh!!) Luckily she’s on a diet as well so she gets us some healthier options.

Today i had a bowl of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, banana, grapes, raspberries) with 1 rice cake broken up, a handful of raisins and 2 crackers with low fat cheese spread on top. I also had a glass of water with it. Naughtily, I just had another rice cake as I couldn’t resist when walking passed!

For lunch I’m thinking of having my usual: cup-a-soup with a wholemeal pitta bread, but I might leave out the yoghurt to make up the calories.

Hello blog world :)

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

So, this is my first ever blog post.. ever. I’ve never had a blog before but I’m determined to maintain it this time as I think it will give me that extra boost and motivation to keep on track with my weight loss.

Just came off lunch and so far today I’ve had an Asda Farmhouse cupa-soup with a wholemeal pitta bread (only 160 or so calories!). I’ve got a yummy Weight Watchers blackberry yoghurt sitting on my desk, which I think I will save for later on in the afternoon when I feel more peckish.

So… so far so good 🙂