I.F. Report, Day 1

Yesterday was my first day of I.F. and I LOVED it.  I enjoy the sensation of being manageably hungry and then having a big lunch and feeling full after.  I really hate the “not-quite-satiated” feeling that comes after a small mini-meal or a “tide me over” snack, so it is a welcome change.  I wound up eating about 1500 calories, not snacking between lunch and dinner, and going to bed a tiny bit hungry, but in the manageable “this will result in weight loss” way.  Sugar cravings were way down and I didn’t think about binging.  Not even when I was in the supermarket staring at 88 yen packs of cookies.  It’s about 12:30 noon on Day 2 and I am hungry but okay with it.  Imagine that!

Speaking of supermarkets, the entire Tokyo metropolitan area as well as central, west and northern Honshu is facing cleaned-out shelves at supermarkets since everyone is hoarding and stockpiling food in preparation for potential impending doom.  The nuclear reactor situation is unstable and volatile and everyone is preparing for the worst.  The disconnect between what’s happening over there and the normalcy of life here has been reduced; my school has kicked off a disaster relief collection, we had a moment of silence in memory of those who died this morning, and there is a blood drive tomorrow.  In addition, the JET community of English teachers nationwide is running a “Man Up For Japan” in which teachers pledge to donate ichi man (10,000) yen to the disaster relief fund of their choice.  Since I’ve been doing all these pushups I feel butch as fuck and I am going to “man up” many times.  Probably about $500 or $600 from this next paycheck.  Japan has done a hell of a lot for me these past few years.

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