I have decided to try intermittent fasting, i.e. waiting 14-16 hours between eating from day to day. In my case that means limiting eating to a certain time window per day.  I’m thinking 1-8 pm is a nice manageable window.  All calories shall be consumed within that time frame.

So far this seems like the best idea I’ve ever had.  I feel like prehistoric man discovering fire or something.  It’s just about 1 pm now and I haven’t eaten anything or chewed any gum – just drank lots of coffee, water and tea.  My head feels perfectly clear and while I am definitely a bit hungry, I have not wasted my entire morning waiting impatiently after breakfast to eat again.  On the weekends in a state of nature I tend not to get hungry until lunchtime or early afternoon, so why not apply this to the week, too? 

I had a small binge yesterday – but it was so much smaller than the binges prior, and I saw a 1.5 kilogram loss overnight.  I want to be kind to myself and feel good physically, and overloading my body with sugar in huge amounts that it cannot process achieves the polar opposite. 

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