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My story is really not that interesting.  It is a lot like everyone else’s with a few variations, which is also pretty standard.  Basically, I have never been able to accomplish my weight loss and fitness goals, except when young.  I’m in decent shape because I participate in a sport that keeps me that way.  I love the sport, so motivation to exercise is no problem.  I love the sport so much, I am worried that I will have a injury, due to carrying too much weight, that will prohibit me from playing.  That would be tragic (for me).

I’ve been lucky so far, a lot luckier than many of my friends.  No knee problems.  No hip problems. No back problems.  But my days are numbered,  and I know it.  Every extra pound carried adds three pounds of stress to the knees.  Right now I am about 35 pounds overweight.   I have vowed to get that weight off by 1/1/2013.  I know I can’t go through another winter with the extra weight.  I always forget to warm up, and that is when the injuries occur – when muscles are cold.  This I know from experience.  I have hurt myself in the past, but always been able to recover.  I think I just recently used up the last of my nine lives.

So there is that, but let’s face it, I’d love to be thinner for other reasons as well.  I’d like to go shopping in my closet (full of clothes one to three sizes smaller). I’d like to look good for some important events that are coming up.  I’d like to have more energy.  I have an annual physical on Dec 4th, and I don’t want to be told I have to take blood pressure or cholesterol lowering meds.  I’m sure there is more.  If you are overweight, is there anything that isn’t positively impacted by weight loss?

I do feel that this time I will succeed.  I am not just interested in losing weight, I am committed to losing weight.  There is a difference.  When you are committed, you do not let anything stand in your way.  All those past excuses are just problems to be solved, and they can be solved, if you are committed.  I have found much inspiration and support at 3FC.  One woman gave me a tip on an app for my Android and it has made a world of difference.  Another woman offered a challenge. Then there is this blog, also provided by 3FC, that I know will help me be accountable.   I will write here of my progress. Weigh-ins are every Monday.

As far as my pseudonym goes, KittyKat was a pet name when young, and the picture of ‘Kitty Commando’ just makes me smile every time I look at her.

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