Eww, Carb Flue


I wasn’t prepared for this.  For the past couple of days I have been feeling out of sorts. Sleep has been disrupted (lots of weird dreams) so I’ve been tired.  I had a headache and just haven’t felt like doing anything.  I didn’t make it to the gym on Sunday or Monday as planned.  I pushed my self to go yesterday, but only accomplished a short walk.  It was on the way to tennis, so I figured I’d warm up the muscles and shower. I still didn’t feel like playing tennis, but I went because I had to.  I took some Ibuprofen and played. After playing I felt much better. Perhaps exercize is the answer to carb flue?  Sleep was a little better last night and today I feel pretty good.  Good thing because I have tennis again tonight.

Carb Flue.  I’d heard of it, and now I have experienced it.  Some say it is withdrawal from sugar.  Some (those that don’t care for low carb dieting) say it is because we are running on dirty fuel.  We are burning fat instead of glucose. Well, isn’t that the idea of weight loss?  Aren’t we supposed to exhaust our glucose and get into burning our fat stores?  I think with a low carb diet you just get there a little faster than a low calorie diet.  I do hope I’ve seen the last of you carb flue, but that might not be the case.  Suppose I slip up?  Suppose I intentionally slip up, like on a special occasion?  That birthday cake might put me back on the carb wagon. I’d hate to think I have to go through this every time I take in refined starches.  We’ll see. Special occasion coming up tomorrow.  I may have to pass the cake.

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