The day I planned tomorrow

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail”

I will be taking pictures at every goal and logging in the work I did to get there. I’m not quite brave enough to post the pictures until they show a little improvement (plus I need to learn how to post a picture on here!!) so this will be updated as I go.

I’ll be doing something special for myself at every goal. Just depends on how I feel when I get there.

My weight loss goals as of 1/2012 :
total weight ; total weight loss – percentage
246; 13 pds – this is my 5%  ***MET! 3-25-2012***
234; 25 pds – this is my 10%  ***MET! 5-6-2012***
221 ; 38 pds – this is my 15%
208; 51 pds – this is my 20% AND I will no longer be obese.
Onederland- Back to where I said I would never get bigger than. ETA end of July weight.
195; 64 pds – this is my 25%
182; 77 pds – this is my 30%
169; 90 pds – this is my 35% AND I will no longer be overweight! YAY normal BMI!
159- 100 pds lost!!!! Re-evalutate goal to see if I want to keep losing
156;103 pds – this is my 40%
155- GOAL! ETA January of 2013

I’m 5’10”.