The day I became a tortoise

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Hello there beautiful people!

So I am moving houses again. I think. Scared to stay and scared to leave? Oh yes. I have been feeling VERY unsettled lately, I attribute a large part of that to my… largeness. Although I am less large now than I used to be! I am the tortoise in this race, not the hare, but at least I’m IN the race and not sitting in the stands cheering it on. I’ve been really into metaphors lately.

Went back to school (ouch), am still working full-time. Still am not loving my location aka las vegas, but maybe as my insolation (aka chunk) gets to be less and less I will be able to tolerate the heat more.  It does make it harder to work out outdoors, something about running in 120 degrees (not even exaggerating) is less than appealing. Oh hello my old friend the excuse! I am thinking I will adopt a dog from the pound and then I will have to go running. And we can go to the lake and swim our little hearts out. and I will have a buddy that will never leave me. Plus it’s legal to microchip them so if she DOES leave me I can track her down in a totally legally stalkerish type way… “don’t ever leave me! Because I’d find you..” (- wedding crashers)

I’m kind of seeing someone. Well, ok. I AM seeing someone. In a relationship apparently. But I feel terribly about it because I don’t think I’ll want to be in it when I am finished with this personal journey. I told the person that I am a flight risk and not sure what I want or will want. So I guess I am at least honest… and they are just getting out of a long term relationship themselves so maybe they are OK with this just being a short term thing too. Healing each other. I guess not everyone has to be “the one”.