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Saw this on 3fc and it was such an inspiration I wanted to share it with anyone who happens across my page
One Year From Now

One thing I can absolutely promise you without a doubt, is that time will pass. 24 hours from now will be tomorrow. 7 days will be a week later. 365 days from now, a year will have past. This part is certain. What isn’t certain is what your life will be like then. The next year will pass in its own time the same way the past year has gone by. The question is – what do you want to be doing/feeling one year from now?

You can decide that the amount you have to lose is too daunting and will never happen and give up. That is a choice that you can make. Think about the consequences of that. Your life will be much like it is right now. You will probably be having the same emotional feelings about your weight and your past year will be filled with happy moments and sad ones just like this previous year.

Or, you can decide right now that you want to start today and make one healthy choice after another. Each choice gives your body nutrients it needs to build healthier organ functions and strong muscles. Even before you see results on the scale, you will feel better because your body is functioning better. I can’t promise you that you’ll be at goal weight or that you will have even lost a lot of weight, but I can promise that if you spend the next year making healthy choices you will feel better than you do today and will be well on your way to getting to goal. You will have learned what works for you and what doesn’t and you will have tackled some of the emotional issues that keep us overweight. This journey is about more than losing weight. It’s about self-discovery. That isn’t something you can “gain back.” I can’t promise that your year will be void of sadness and nothing but pure elation. It won’t be. I would predict that you’ll find that when you learn to deal with the ups and downs of life in non-food and self-destructive ways, you will handle them better and your self-esteem will skyrocket.

So, the next year will pass regardless of what choice you make. The question is do you want to look back and thank yourself for starting today and allowing yourself to feel better and be healthier or do you want to look back and wish you had started?

Or to some that all up (and as my mother would say) – You’re gonna be a year old anyways, where do you want to be?


This week for the first time someone who didn’t know I was trying to get healthy commented on the fact that it’s noticeable that I’ve lost weight 🙂 I’m so thrilled. I have finally reached over 10% body fat gone! I have so much more to go but I feel like I have overcome large hurdles already. My diet is absolutely 100% better. I finished my first 5k mud run. I almost died, but I finished it. Today instead of getting fast food on the way home I stopped at fresh and easy and got organic healthy food. I haven’t even been craving soda for the past few weeks. I can see my jawline again. I almost (almost) feel pretty again sometimes. I see the potential to be/look/feel special again. I have hope, which I’m hoping will help me soar to being healthy.

<3 I find myself impatient for results because it feels like it’s taking forever.. but I’m closer today than I was last week and that’s something special and something no one can take from me.


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