The day I decided to play in the mud

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Special thanks to laura1562 for telling me about the other option on beach body. Just ordered turbo fire! Very excited to start the new program.

So I found out about something called the tough mudder. Basically you pay to be thrown in the mud and electrified. It looks like fun! Well, the big military guys in the video look like they are having fun anyways -_- I want to do it! It’ll be here in Vegas in October. So I did the calculations- I could be well into onederland by then and able to kick butt!

Now the part that makes me want to bury myself in the mud…
Or better yet, shove other peoples faces in the mud-

Some of the guys at work are doing it. They are working hard to talk the hot (aka skinny) girls to do it with them. Guess who didn’t get asked to do it even though I totally want to? Yeah. Now I know what it felt like to be not asked to the prom or picked for dodgeball, apparently it doesn’t get better once you’re out of school! Plus one of the girls looks and acts exactly like I did before the weight gain. Because I know these guys like me as a person (eye roll) I don’t blame them for not wanting to hang out with the fat girl, but it still hurts. I’m a “nice girl with a pretty face”. awesome. shoot me now (:

So as much as I’d like to see the mud ruin their perfect fake eyelashes…
It is my own fault. I let myself get this way and I don’t feel beautiful so my personality changes and becomes withdrawn. I’m all done being the token fat friend and am so ready for this to be an unpleasant memory.

The day I started to lose

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Well, I decided against using the pills that I had mentioned in my previous post since I believe it should be a natural loss, I want to be proud of every pound I lose and not attribute anything to some pill I take.

In other news I joined weight watchers two weeks ago and am so far down 7.4 pounds! It’s working for me so far, I am proud of myself for the first time since I can remember. I lapsed a little bit this week, going back to my old ways while on vacation in Florida, but I managed to catch myself and am back on track. I love the accountability and that it helps me get back on track.

The gym is still a bit allusive for me, I haven’t gone at all this week but I did go for a long walk by the lake in Florida. I’ve been thinking about doing power 90 or p90x, since on my work days I don’t have the tenacity to make it to the gym. My roommate has a punching bag in our spare room so I have been considering youtubeing some boxing exercises and doing those.

I read about mini goals on the forums and they seem to help so here are mine-

total weight ; total weight lost – percentage
Starting weight – 259 pds
Current weight- 251 pds
*every mini goal met gets either a show here in vegas OR a mini road trip!*
246; 13 pds – this is my 5%
234; 25 pds – this is my 10%
221 ; 38 pds – this is my 15%
208; 51 pds – this is my 20%
Onederland- My personal favorite goal. back to where I said I would never get bigger than.
*Every mini goal met now gets shopping*
195; 64 pds – this is my 25%
182; 77 pds – this is my 30%
169; 90 pds – this is my 35%
159- 100 pds lost!!!! Re-evalutate goal to see if I want to keep losing
156;103 pds – this is my 40%
155- GOAL!

If I lose a steady 2 pds a week I will have reached my goal by this time next year. That seems like forever but if I had started getting serious about it when I started this blog I would already be there.. Can’t let another year go by.