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So, today for “breakfast” I had a little bag of chips and some soda. Because, you see, I start my diet tomorrow. Well tomorrow is my birthday, so saturday.. But saturday is my after birthday birthday, which means ill start my diet on sunday. Ill start to save my life later.

I can’t possibly start exercising now, because I don’t know where my ipod is. I work 12 hour days, so I just don’t have the time. My career gets in the way, “its not my fault”. How many times have I shrugged off getting myself fit because of these very excuses?

My phone calender alarm went off today. Its my 6 month “anniversary”. I should be at my goal weight today. I made a pledge to myself months ago to exercise and eat right.
Since that day I have *gained* 27 pounds. 27. I should be celebrating my success, but instead I’m putting an arm around my stomach when I sit down, and I’m wishing it were winter again so that I wouldn’t have to deal with shorts and bathing suits.

A man died in his hall today. He was so big that he fell into the doorway and got stuck. The shame he must have felt being so fat that he was wedged in the doorway, unable to move. Picturing the firemen having to break open his doorframe so the coronor can get to him, and pronounce him dead from cheetos.

That happened TODAY. Not tomorrow, not next sunday. The bad effects are happening now, but I’m not curing it until later.

Still, knowing all this, I’m starting on sunday.

I made the list of work outs and of groceries to buy. I’m swearing off soda and fried food, and my work outs are 5 days a week.

I should be more like nike, and Just do it.


*****TO MY BLOG and fellow bloggers!- a little accountability would be wonderful. All my friends are roughly 100 pds wet, and don’t get how much being overweight impacts everything. Because, when we are honest with ourselves, it does. I would absolutely love to go through this journey together! I’m slowly learning about the blogging process, what linking is and all that.

*** I’d love for us to support each other! We all battle something, even if it has nothing to do weight ***


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  1. billie on April 29, 2010 11:55 pm

    I’m along for this ride. I’ve got you on my blogroll. I just figured out how to use that blogroll thing today!

    And you sound just like me. I’m starting on Sunday too. I also made up charts and grocery lists. And just like me, you are completely cognicent of what’s going on in your head and the how and the why of things.

    I’ve gained 17 pounds in the last year since i quit blogging everyday. Using this blog really does help, it helps to keep focused. It helps to record what i eat and exercise.

    We can do this!

  2. kiki on May 1, 2010 8:04 pm

    This was so powerful!! Yeah, I agree that most people don’t realize the seriousness of obesity. I was just telling my sister that this afternoon. We all look so happy when we are out eating. (America). I think most eat because they can, not really because we are hungry. I’m sorry that you did not meet your goal, but at least you didn’t quit on yourself. I too think that we can all help each other reach our goals. One good habit leads to another and blogging is a good way to start. Feel free to visit my page for motivation & support.


  3. incontrol2day on May 2, 2010 4:10 am

    😀 I’ll add you on my blogroll!

    Good luck with your journey and Happy Birthday!

  4. Food Addict on August 6, 2010 2:13 pm

    Great post. I, of course, do the whole start tomorrow thing. Although, I usually end up waiting for Monday. So I’ll overeat Tuesday, and have to overeat everyday until the next Monday rolls around – obviously, that is the only reasonable solution.

    Seriously though – I’ve started to think of my diet as a lifestyle change. yah, yah, i know everyone says that – but you have a ton of birthdays ahead of you. Are you seriously going to eat like crap every birthday you have, all your friends birthdays… etc? If so, your Monday will never come. If you just start eating reasonably TODAY… you’ll be fine to eat cake, have some drinks, whatever, when your birthday comes. Exercising today will not hurt your birthday. I just learned this… I still have yet to put it 100% in to action, but I’m trying. Really really trying.

    I noticed this post is from April — come back! I love this blog!

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