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First post: take #2
Thursday June 16th 2011, 5:40 pm
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Okay, so I’ve had this blog since 2009, but I have just wiped the old entries. I am still losing my weight, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so, and the tally of ‘I’m back’ posts was beginning to add up.

However, I’m here, and I’m committed. I started Dukan on the 13th June, and am currently in my 4th day of Attack. It’s hard sometimes, but I’m getting there. I really want my vegetables back, though, and I’m not going to see them until Monday.

I had originally decided on 5 days for my attack, but my weight loss has been rather stunted compared to others and I have still about another 40lbs to lose.

Anyway, I’m off to prepare one of my many meals–anyone else on Dukan noticed the amount of dishes you go through in one day?