So I’m 12.5lb down and only 4lb from where I was this time last year. Its nice that I’m achieving some solid goals, but annoying when I think I was supposed to be trying to lose weight this time last year. Oh well. Onwards and downwards I guess.

Managed my trip to Paris without falling off the wagon with the not eating sweet things until valentines day thing… And still managed to eat at my favourite restaurant… Seriously, if anyone reading this ever goes to Paris… check out Chartier… metro stop bonne nouvelle… look for the one with the massive line out front. Steak tartare with chips and a cider for under 15euros… 😀 Can’t lose. Came back from paris another 1.5lb down so happy with that.

Went for chinese with my family for my dad’s 50th on saturday, and again was quite sensible… well not really… there was tonnes of food, but i did well not to just go head down and trough…so there’s that.

Must have been lots of sugar in the sauces though because the cravings for sweet things have been really hard over the last couple of days. Managed to stick to my guns though, and am not giving in to the cravings.

Phew. I should do this in small chunks regularly rather than update all at once. I should stop saying i’m going to do that. I never will… ah well. Hope january is going good for everyone else 😀

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