Bad restaurant experience today. ­čÖü

So, I drove a couple hours to the nearest rural town for groceries today. They have a small grocery store with usually-not-the-very-freshest produce, a couple gas stations, and a “hometown” type of restaurant with burgers and steaks. I usually try to wait and drive to a real city for groceries when I have a few days off, but the trip is 3-6 hours longer each way and I often need to overnight at a hotel. I didn’t have that kind of time and I didn’t want to waste money on the trip, so I went to the small town to get me by for another couple weeks.

Like always, I asked the hubby if he wanted anything from the restaurant. This time, he asked for fry baskets and battered deep fried mushrooms. I ordered the Southwest salad to go, which sounded fresh and full of tasty veggies.

Well, needless to say, I was disappointed when I arrived home two hours later. The fries and mushrooms were the same as always. I didn’t even try those at first because I was excited about my salad. Unfortunately, this was the “heartiest” darn salad I think I’ve ever seen. The┬ábreaded chicken was still glistening with oil, the salad was smothered in shredded mozzarella, and there was literally as much dressing as there were lettuce leaves. I have not seen such a soggy mess of a salad in all my life! The whole thing tasted limp and heavy. Not all all the fresh, light┬átreat I had been dreaming of.

┬áMy dogs were more than happy to help with the chicken and I picked the choice veggies out and enjoyed them, although they were covered in ranch. I threw the remaining 1/3 of the salad┬áin the garbage. Still not satisfied (although I’d had enough food), I sampled my hubby’s fries and mushrooms, hoping for some satisfaction. Nope. There was nothing really wrong with them, but the fat/oil in them tasted very bad to me (not rancid, just not what my body wanted). I gave up after that.

I guess this experience shows how IE has changed my relationship with food. Three years ago, I absolutely loved the mushrooms and fries and would have polished off my plate and someone else’s. Now I don’t even like most fried foods, except for vegetable tempura. ­čśŤ

Lesson learned. From now on when I do take-out at the restaurant, I will order a trip to the salad bar to go and make my own salad so that I can thoroughly enjoy everything it.

I do wonder how much better IE will be for me when I eventually get transferred back to civilization. I really miss having fresh produce available to me 24 hours a day, every day of the year. I suppose I’m spoiled, but I think it will become much easier to find satisfaction with┬ábetter choices available.

Ugh. I feel heavy and tired, and I still have a greasy aftertaste in my mouth from the meal, even after brushing my teeth. I don’t like feeling like this. ┬áNo more fried foods for a while! ­čÖü

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