Declaring Maintenance

I am declaring maintenance! After much consideration and a recent re-evaluation of my goals, I have decided that I am happy with my weight loss. I aim to continue Intuitive Eating as usual, but without such focus on my scale. My original goal was 145 lbs, but I have steadily weighed in between 147-153 lbs. during the past year.

I have given a lot of thought to this and I feel that my body has settled into its ideal natural weight. I had been so focused on the numbers that I failed to see many positive changes in my body that the scale did not reflect. I failed to notice that my thighs have lost much of the cellulite and dimpling I so dispised. I wear short shorts now, for the first time in my life! My legs are also leaner and more defined, especially in my calves and ankles. My posterior and trunk areas have noticably “lifted.” My breasts, which sagged a little at first, have tightened up and are still a pleasant C cup that fits my figure. I have maintained my muscularity, which I very much need in my line of work. I still have small “problem spots” like most people do, but overall, I am satisfied with my body.

And what does this mean for my journey? Well, not much. While it is wonderful to have finally made peace with my body, the journey does not end. I will still eat intuitively and continue to learn about my body and myself. I will continue to exercise because it is healthy and my body loves it. I will continue to strive for balance and peace in life and love. And I will continue to blog, because it helps me process the things I have learned, and possibly pass something on that others can use.

Cheers! 🙂

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