Halfsies and Other Alien Habits

So, I have been experimenting with sandwiches cut in half in my lunches at work. PB & J, salmon salad, tuna salad, breaded chicken, hamburgers, you name it. And just like the results in my first experiment, the “halfsies” are very satisfying one at a time, and I now find that I need less food to get me through the day at work. Some days I’m not even hungry for both halves and I only eat one. What a breakthrough!

And an added bonus: My husband, whom I also send to work with halfsies, has noticed my behavior (without a word from me) and has also been eating one at a time this week.

I have also been trying out new habits with other foods. Today I experimented with my hot chocolate. It was very cold in the office today and I was lightly hungry and craving something sweet. So I made a steaming cup of gourmet hot cocoa and topped it with marshmallows. Yummy, right? Well, not all of it.

The first few sips were fantastic. It totally filled my craving. Then I tried some marshmallows. They tasted too sweet, sickening sweet. Normally, I probably would have eaten them anyway, but I was especially mindful today. So I scooped them out and threw them in the trash. Then I continued enjoying my cocoa. But halfway through I began to realize that the thrill was gone. Now the cocoa was too sweet. I had reached my satisfaction level and I was no longer hungry. So I dumped the rest out in the sink and continued my day.

What strange behavior, but I feel very good about it. Looking back, I’ve often felt “sugar sick” after enjoying a whole mug of cocoa. My body was trying to tell me that it was too much, but I never listened. Now I hear it loud and clear. And today, I felt great. No icky aftertaste. No sugar crash.

I’m also being more careful about gorging on other fluids. I often end or accompany a meal with tea. Today, I had one cup with my light dinner and prepared a second cup to finish off.  But halfway through the second cup, my tummy was full. I knew from experience that continuing would stretch my tummy uncomfortably. So I went and dumped that tea out as well. After all, I was no longer hungry or thirsty, and I could always have more later.

Many of these behaviors still seem a bit foreign to me, especially with familiar foods. But I think this is a very good thing for me. I think I need to be challenging all of my food, even the familiar things. Who knows what other things could I be overlooking?

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