The “New Scale” Follies

So, my nearly one year old cane corso pup decided to snack on my bathroom scale a couple weeks ago. Apparently the rubber pads on the bottom looked like enticing morsels to him. Unfortunately, they were attached to metal weight calibrators which (surprisingly!) don’t work when completely detached, chewed, slobbered on, and flung around the room.

I bought a new scale. My husband showed preference for the glass models, and I wanted something to measure body fat, so we ended up getting a completely different model than before. Unfortunately, this model has proven to be more accurate than my old one. It now shows me 4 pounds heavier than my last scale. In the back of my mind, I knew the other scale was a little light because of the 3-4 lb descrepancy every time I visited the doctor’s office. Still, I loved that sweet little liar!

Now I must accept the truth and move on. It was very disheartening to weigh myself at first. The scale suddenly read 155 when I hadn’t seen that number in six months. But, it is slowly declining as well now: 154.4, 153.4, and today, 152.2.  Hooray for small victories! I will be elated when I dip below 150 again.

On a different note, lunch went well today. I had salmon salad and crackers, which was very filling and satisfying. Dinner was also grand: a grilled tortilla with cheese, guacamole, and pineapple salsa.  I did eat several handfuls of trail mix and chips while I was cooking my meal, which I did not need, although the salt tasted good to me. I need to be more patient in the future and wait for the satisfying foods. Good things are worth waiting for.

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