Halfsies and Other Alien Habits

So, I have been experimenting with sandwiches cut in half in my lunches at work. PB & J, salmon salad, tuna salad, breaded chicken, hamburgers, you name it. And just like the results in my first experiment, the “halfsies” are very satisfying one at a time, and I now find that I need less food […]

My Dear Brother

Several days ago, I read yet another thread on 3FC with an obvious slant against IE. I started writing a response, but I didn’t finish since I had to work that morning. So I saved it to my hard drive. Then things got busy and I never did respond to the thread. While I don’t feel […]

Straight Ahead

I had a good day today. Lunch was a good ol’ fashioned PB&J. I haven’t had one in quite a while, but that’s what my taste buds wanted this morning. I remembered a line in the Weigh Down Diet where the author commented on how filling half a sandwich could be. Ten years ago when […]

The “New Scale” Follies

So, my nearly one year old cane corso pup decided to snack on my bathroom scale a couple weeks ago. Apparently the rubber pads on the bottom looked like enticing morsels to him. Unfortunately, they were attached to metal weight calibrators which (surprisingly!) don’t work when completely detached, chewed, slobbered on, and flung around the room. […]

Moving Forward

Things are going well. I’ve been much less greedy about my potions lately and am still feeling a satisfied, balanced full at the end of most meals. I had leftover stew for lunch today. I didn’t finish it all. But really, I didn’t crave stew. I don’t even like it that much, but I had […]