Foods My Body Does Not Like!

In my journey to build a healthy, respectful relationship with my body, I have learned that there are certain foods that it does not want for fuel. Some of the diet foods that I had previously eaten during Weight Watchers dieting actually give me headaches (and they don’t even taste that great!) Here is my […]

Planning for Hunger

Overall, things are going very well. I am maintaining an average weight of 156 while still learning, often through trial and error, how to satisfy my hunger and listen to my body. One trial I am learning to overcome is how to handle hunger when my husband is on the graveyard shift. I often come […]

Holiday Hiccup

Bleh! I feel sick. So, I baked some cookies after wok today. I figured it would be okay to eat some of the dough while preparing them, since I was hungry at the time. The first two cookies were great. I should have stopped there, but I was still hungry. The next few tasted progressively […]


I have learned a bit about cravings today. I was driving home from work and I began noticing that I was hungry again. As is normal for me now, I began dreaming about what I should cook tonight. I had previously planned to make baked rockfish, but my hubby got called out for an extra […]

Day by Day

My scale read 156 this morning, which made me smile. I have lost 9 pounds since Thanksgiving. My tummy and thighs are slimming nicely and I am actually starting to feel pride for my body again. I am feeling good and energetic, although I notice that I am not falling asleep quickly at night like […]

The Journey Begins

I feel good today. Healthy. I have lots of energy. My mind is clear. I began a non-diet a couple of weeks ago. I am reading my copy of Beck’s Diet while I wait for my copy of Intuitive Eating in the mail. For now, I eat when I am hungry and stop when I […]