slow and steady wins the race : )

I collect turtles (figurines) and this is one of my favorite quotes. Seems appropriate since the weight loss is moving so slowly! I did finally drop a 2nd lb and have started going to the gym on my lunch break to walk on the treadmill. Even though I walk 1-2 miles a day chasing the bus I wanted to step it up a little. I started out easy yesterday, not too fast and at a low incline. It’s discouraging to have to start at ground zero again! Good thing I didn’t try to begin where I left off, apparently the leg muscle I bruised when I totaled my car isn’t completely healed -it’s protesting a bit! Hoping to find a way to do my physical therapy where I want to go, at least for a few weeks so they can teach me what exercises I can do safely with a herniated disc.


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