A little about me

I’m not the type of person who really enjoys writing about themselves.
My life is fairly busy. I am the oldest of 3 and live with my parents. This decision came after I moved out to the Toronto area and returned because I was far too young and immature to handle life on my home.
I never topped 110 during high school, I looked happy and healthy. With age the body changes, I can’t expect to ever be that light on a scale, but i do anticipate a nice thin lean body with the curves of a women.

I have a very supportive and loving boyfriend of a year. He encourages me and I know he will stand by me through this whole process.

My lifestyle overall isn’t unhealthy. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the way I am now. I don’t stuff myself with sugars and candy, but I eat a ton of foods that are high carb and very starchy. My protein and iron intake is relatively good, but I do lack on regular intake of veggies. I rarely eat fast food.

Name: Karlee
Age: 20
Location: Windsor Ontario Canada
Currently : Studying to be a Dental Assistant and working in a factory

Current Stats:
Weight: 155 lbs
Height: 5′ 2 and 1/2
BMI: 27 (overweight)
Bust:38 Inches
Chest:34 Inches
Waist:35 Inches
Hips: 40 Inches

Weight: 125 lbs
BMI: 21