Using hedonism to my advantage.

When I try to change my unhealthy behaviors through guilt and self-denial, the process always backfires on me.  I end up feeling resentful, angry, guilty, and frustrated. Frustration becomes hopelessness, and without hope, I see no reason to continue the self-denial.  Hey, if I’m never going to be thin anyway, I should at least be able to eat what I want.

For me, removing the punishing, guilt-inducing aspect of weight loss, also removes the motivation for quitting.  If I’m eating and exercising in ways I find easy and enjoyable, why would I ever even think of quitting.

That philosophy has helped me lose 110 lbs, over the course of several years.  Then I stopped working to make the process fun.  I started adding in guilt and unrealistic expectations, and when health issues and other stresses came up, my motivation fizzled.

Over the course of only a couple months, I backslid a whopping 29 lbs.

Egh, life happens.  Feeling sad, angry or guilty isn’t going to erase those 29 lbs.  In fact, in my experience, the feelings will only contribute to further regain.

I still believe that low-pressure weight loss works best for me, but it’s time to recommit to assigning a higher priority to my health.

I deserve this.

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