Blueberry dark chocolate smoothie

In a blender, food processor, or mini/personal blender (I used a Rocket personal blender), blend until smooth (you’ll hear the chocolate stop clunking)

140g (3/4 cup) frozen bluberries

1 cup milk or milk substitute ( I used Coconut Dream, 45 calories per cup)

30g (1 scoop, about an ounce) unflavored or vanilla whey protein powder – I prefer undenatured, unflavored whey, Because it dissolves well, even in water.

1 square Dove dark chocolate (it will blend more easily if you chop it into four or more pieces – or you could use a tbs of chocolate chips)

270 calories, 2 protein, 1 fruit, 1 dairy (if the milk you use contains less than 20% daily calcium, count as 2 fats instead of   a dairy)

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