Personal Blenders Rock, (Rocket, Magic Bullet…)

If you’ve ever had insomnia, you’ve probably seen the tacky and overacted infomercials for the Magic Bullet personal blender.  Lame commercial, but really cool gadget, and an even cooler birthday present (Thanks Mom and Dad). 

Actually, I didn’t get the Magic Bullet, mine is the Rocket blender 17 piece personal blender system from Bella Kitchen.  

Awesome, awesome, awesome.  I’ve only tried it once, and I’m already in love.  It’s perfect for blending smoothies.  Even in a blender, protein powder doesn’t always dissolve well, which can leave a smoothie with a gritty or lumpy texture.  Not (as Alton Brown would say) Good Eats.

I was very much impressed with the Rocket.  It blended very quickly, taking only a few senconds, and the smoothie didn’t have a trace of grittiness or lumps. The entire system is very light weight, and easy to clean.  I love that there are two blades, and multiple cups, it means that the blender isn’t “out of commission” after only one use.  Rinsing the blade and you’re ready to make the next smoothie (or whatever).

Even if it only could be used for smoothies, I’d consider it a great gadget, but it’s much more versatile than that.  I suspect that I’ll have very little use for my blender, food processor, and coffee/spice grinder.

It’s also reasonably priced (the Rocket the best of the lot I’ve seen so far, retailing for only about $20).


2 Responses to “Personal Blenders Rock, (Rocket, Magic Bullet…)”

  1. Screaming Fat Girl Says:

    I’m a huge fan of my immersion blender and its blender attachment. I’m not sure if it is as good as the Rocket, but it seems to mix smoothies pretty well. It’s not quite the same as a conventional blender, but I’m guessing it isn’t as good as your Rocket!

    I never use protein powder, but I’m guessing you’re adding it to fruit smoothies to counterbalance all of the sugar from the fruit?


  2. kaplods Says:

    Yes, counterbalancing is exactlly right. I’ve been using whey protein powder to incease the protein ratio, for only about a month. I’m not much of a breakfast eater, so drinking breakfast is helpful, but when the smoothie just contains fruit, it doesn’t satisfy me long. I was skeptical at first, but adding the protein powder really does keep me full longer.

    I was using my immersion blender, and it works great when I’m mixing liquid ingredients and soft fruit like bananas. It has a food processor attachment I love too.

    I had to use the blender when I wanted to add ice or frozen fruit, though because it didn’t work well with the immersion blender (If I hadn’t had my glasses on, I would have gotten frozen strawberry shrapnel in my eye).

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