Cheap Cheesecake meal or dessert, $1.50

A couple weeks ago, I bought a 2 lb jar of Pure Protein, Vanilla Cream flavor at Target for just under $20.00.  At 26 servings, it comes out to about 77 cents per serving/scoop.   I’m really lazy when it comes to making breakfast, and with the whey protein handy, I find I’m less likely to skip breakfast, because I always have at least enough time to stir a scoop of protein into a glass of skim milk.

This morning I decided to experiment and made a meal pudding.  It was surprisingly good.  The protein powder thickened the pudding almost to a cheesecake texture, so much so that I’m anxious to try the recipe with the cheesecake flavor sf Jello pudding.   The pudding mix I calculated at .73 per box, but I can usually find it cheaper on sale or in store brands.

This isn’t a practical recipe if you don’t have a use for whey protein.  I certainly wouldn’t run out and buy it just for this recipe, but I’m finding the whey protein handier than I expected.  My next purchase is going to be unflavored whey protein, so I can add it to more recipes to increase the protein content.

I did notice on the jello box that it said the pudding will not thicken if made with soy milk – I don’t know if soy protein would also inhibit thickening, something to consider though.

As a meal, it was very filling and a bit too rich (felt like I needed a hot cup of tea or coffee to go with it).  SO much that I think next time, I’ll divide it into at least two servings for a meal, and four servings for a dessert. 
Custard recipe

1pkg sugar free instant pudding, any flavor (I used Jellow brand white chocolate)
1 scoop (34g) whey protein powder (I used Pure Protein, Vanilla Creme flavor)
1 cup skim milk, cold

Mix all ingredients in a jar or tub (one that won’t leak when you shake it).  Shake until ingredients combine and mixture begins to thicken.

Or you can make with a hand mixer or in a food processor or blender (which would make a smoother custard, when shaken sometimes there’s a couple lumps).

Refrigerate or serve immediately.

310 calories (calorie breakdown: 7% fat, 48% carb, 44% protein)
2.5g fat
34g protein
37g carb

Exchanges: 1 dairy, 1 starch, 2 protein

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