Spaghetti Beans

This is a quick version of Grandma’s Beans in Tomato Sauce

2 cans green beans (fresh or frozen are fine, they’ll just need to simmer longer), drained

1 jar tomato-based spaghetti sauce, any flavor 

1/2 cup water or tomato/vegetable juice (tonight I used spicy V-8, because I had some in the fridge).

In medium saucepan, combine beans, spaghetti sauce.  Add a little water (or tomato juice) to the empty jar or can and swish around.  Pour into saucepan and stir.  Add salt and pepper or any seasonings you’d like to taste.

Simmer until beans are hot and sauce is desired consistency.

Tonight (July 8th) I’m having these over the leftover mashed cauliflower potatoes I had in the fridge.

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