Spring and Summer

I have so much planned for this summer.  Spring and Summer are generally my best time of year.  My husband and I have talked about moving somewhere that has little or no cold weather, since I have more strength, stamina and resiliency during warmer weather.  Of course extreme heat isn’t my friend either, and it seems that areas with warm, but not too hot climates are also extremely expensive places to live (not surprising, of course, as my perfect climate is perfect for a lot of other people too). 

We’ve even thought of snowbirding – but we’re not really in an income bracket that would allow that to be feasible.

I’m recovering fron pneumonia, and still have a bit of a wheeze (but thankfully, otherwise am feeling much, much better).   I’ve only been severely ill for about two weeks, but I’m shocked at how much strength and stamina I’ve lost.  Maybe some of it is still due to reduced lung capacity (I sure hope so), but Geez hubby and I ran some errands the other day, and I was wiped out by just a little bit of walking.  It was discouraging, because it feels like a hole I have to dig myself out of, just to get back to normal functioning. 

It is what it is, and I need to focus on that.  Thinking about what I could do before I got sick, and can’t do yet isn’t going to help me stay focused and motivated.   With chronic illness, I’ve learned to cope with two steps forward, and one step back – but I don’t cope weill with situations in which it seems like one step forward and three steps back.  I hate losing ground (although who doesn’t).










2 Responses to “Spring and Summer”

  1. brseay Says:

    Go slow w/your recovery. I’m fortunate to be generally healthy but I had pneumonia for the first time this year and it took me weeks to be able to workout at full strength again.

    And if you find a moderate climate that’s affordable please let me know. I HATE cold weather and I live in Iowa.

  2. kaplods Says:

    LOL – yeah, pretty much the only affordable living in moderate climates, is going to be in southeast asian and south american countries.

    Hubby and I stopped at the grocery store today, and even though it was a short trip through a small grocery store, I was out of breath and my thighs were sore by the time we got to the checkout. Being out of breath, I could understand, because I know lung capacity has been affected, but that I lost enough muscle for my thighs to be sore – yikes.

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